If you are new to the game please feel free to DM us on Discord! The Discord server is also a great place to get answers to any questions you can't find the answers to on the wiki, particularly the #help channel!

Marosia Discord Link

Poldora#0120 - Mod and Wikiteer
Aster#6655 - Admin and Wikiteer
Saph#6245 - Mod and Wikiteer

maxzephyr#5891 - Mod
petalmoon#1648 - Mod

Will#8080 - Owner/Dev (One Very Busy Guy so other choices are best!)

Below you will find an index of all currently available guides. We are always on the lookout for more guides, and all contributions are welcome!

Staff guides:

Guides submitted by players:

If you would like to write a guide for Marosia, they can be submitted to using the following template:

Guide Topic:

Mechanical? Y/N


Guide text:

Templates, charts, examples:


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