Guide: The Mating System


Marosia has a family system that is an integral part of the game. This guide has been made to answer questions that someone interested in this system may have.

Once a character is 20 years old, they will begin to see a "mate" button on the character card of other characters of the same race who are also 20 or older. In Marosia the lore states that any act of passion can create a child, and though the term "pregnancy" is used in this guide, Marosian birth is not like childbirth in real life. For all intents and purposes, childbirth is magic in Marosia, and characters do not need to engage in sexual intercourse in order to create a child.

Note: Mating can only be requested when the following conditions have been met:
  • Both characters are at least 20 years old.
  • Neither characters is incapable.
  • Both characters are not from the same account.
  • Neither character has an unhealed or permanent groin injury.
  • Both characters are from the same race.
  • Both characters are in the same location.
  • Both characters are not infertile (the age of which is 25% subtracted from the race lifespan).
  • It has been at least 10 real days since the last mating between the two specific characters. (This does not affect mating with other characters).

Any two characters that fit these criteria will be able to mate with each other.

When you press the mate button two options will pop up, both of which will determine who ‘carries’ the child. By pressing “They bear the child”, the other character will be the one to become pregnant and vice versa. You can roleplay the mating process in just about any way you want, and if you're feeling particularly creative you can integrate the way child of your character's race arrive into the world in the process.

For those curious, the following are the ways a child can arrive into the world:

Race/Modifier Spawn Type
Avian Hatch from eggs
Daemon Emerge from a great flame
Fae From a wood totem
Folk From soil and clay
Golem Formed from rocks
Kobold Out of black ooze
Naga Hatch from eggs
Therian Emerge from a swirling green-blue portal
Sanguine (modifier) From a pool of blood

Pressing the mate button is not the only way to bring a child into the world. In-game, you have the alternative option of turning to deities and attempting to earn their favour. Earning god favour is an avenue you can take if you are not able to meet the mating criteria or if there is another in-character reason for doing so. Earning god favour is not a guarantee, similar to using the mating mechanic. Even in the face of god favours, children will always spawn as stated above unless stated otherwise.

After a character has mated, there is a dice roll behind the scenes. If the roll is successful, the character that will bear the child will become 'pregnant' and will begin to start "sensing the possibility of life" within 36 hours of successfully mating.

Note: Pregnancy in the terms of a growing stomach does not exist within Marosia. The bearer may exhibit symptoms like nausea, cravings or things related to their race spawn i.e. a folk digging for clay senselessly.

In Marosia the gestation of a child/ren will last a random amount of time between 3-6 days. The bearer will see a pink message at the top of their UI with a countdown should they begin to 'sense the possibility of life'. The child/ren will arrive at the beginning of the hour regardless of what time the character mated.

At the time of conception, the game determines how many children the character will have, though this information is hidden until the actual arrival. If there are too few players in the queue for the number of children a character is going to have, an announcement will be made in-game letting eligible people know that there is a demand for child characters of that race.

For those curious, this is the maximum number of kids each race can have in a single birth:

Race/Modifier Max Children Per Spawning
Avian 3
Daemon 2
Fae 5
Folk 5
Golem 1
Kobold 5
Naga 3
Therian 3

The way the system currently works, single births are more common than multiples. Additionally, two children in a single birth is more likely than three, etc.

Note: If the slots in the queue are not filled by the time the character gives birth, the character in question will receive a message that says "A soul cannot be called, and you are no longer sensing a possibility of life" for each child that is not born due to lack of people in the queue.

Once the timer runs down and the awaited hour arrives, the child/ren will spawn. If the formerly bearing character is inside of a building, the kid(s) will arrive inside of that building. If the formerly bearing character is inside of a vehicle, the kid(s) will arrive in the vehicle even if it puts the vehicle over-capacity. If the formerly bearing character is on the road travelling, the child/ren will arrive on the road with them. The child/ren will inherit an average of their parents' skills, but not their attributes. If the child/ren have one magic parent then they have a 50% chance at inheriting magic, if the child/ren have two magic parents then they have a 100% chance at inheriting magic, and if neither parent has magic they have a 10% chance of having magic. Inbred children have one of their attributes and all the skills under it permanently capped at level one, and regardless of whether their parents have magic or not, will always have a 10% chance of having magic themselves.

Some things to note about child characters:

  • Child characters cannot set up their own projects so it is likely they will need you to set up projects for them.
  • Child characters slow down projects and lower the effort of everyone working on the project by 50% including themselves. (Note that this does not stack if multiple children are on one project.)
  • Child characters do 25% of their normal damage and can only attack every four hours.

All of the above-listed child character limitations are removed when they are 14 years old, at which point they have the same abilities mechanically as an adult character (although they cannot have children until they are 18 and the mate button does not show up until they are 20).

Once the child has arrived, the formerly bearing character will be their guardian and will be able to move them wherever and whenever they please along with being able to turn them around on the road when travelling. The formerly bearing character will be able to set up one additional guardian, who will have the same abilities. Keep in mind that after they assign guardian status they cannot remove it from whoever they gave it to or give it to anyone else, and if the former bearer character dies without setting up an additional guardian then the child will be mechanically guardianless permanently.

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