Guide: Staying Alive


Hello and welcome! So you’ve just made your first character and written your description for them, and now you’re thinking how on earth you’re going to stop them from dying. Well, the trick to staying alive is to know what will kill you, and then avoid those things!

Easy. Let’s get started.

You may have noticed your hunger bar (just above your health bar) which starts at 100%. The trick to stopping yourself from starving is to keep this above 0. Drop to 0 and you’ll become incapable and there’s a very high chance you will die. Your hunger bar will automatically drop by 12% every 24 hours, and the way to get it to go back up again is to eat meals. To prepare your own meals you need a tool, like a knife, and then some ingredients, like animal meats or harvested plants.

Top tip to avoid starving: Make a knife and keep it on your character wherever they go.

Some animals in this game are really dangerous and will fuck your shit up. Luckily, they only spawn on certain dangerous tiles. If you notice a bunch of animals on your tile with a red triangle - this means they are dangerous and you should not stay on the tile for long otherwise they will likely eat you. Aggressive animals will keep attacking you every hour until your health drops low (this can happen VERY quickly!). Once your health has dropped low enough you will receive a warning as well as a 3 hour grace period to get your ass out of there. If you overstay this warning, or travel to another dangerous tile, then you’ll get attacked to 0% and become incapable.

Top tip to avoid death by dangerous animals: If you’re travelling, make sure you check on your character soon after arriving on a new tile to see if they’re currently being eaten alive.

The third biggest threat to your brand new character is other characters. Every single character in this game is played by another player, so it’s a good idea to keep your wits about you if you’re aiming for longevity. In Marosia you can do whatever you want - but keep in mind that picking a fight with the head of the town guard or stealing from the mayor could very likely result in an early end for your character.

Top tip to avoid death by other characters: Don’t steal precious resources like metal and then try to instantly leave (at least get some experience before you try doing this...).
Remember though that this game is about your stories, and every character death will probably be a lesson learned - so get out there and have fun!

Author: Sancon#8900

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