If you are new to the game please feel free to DM us on Discord! The Discord server is also a great place to get answers to any questions you can't find the answers to on the wiki, particularly the #help channel!

Marosia Discord Link

The current Game Owner is Saph, known on Discord as Saph#6245. She oversees the game, admin and other staff while simultaneously developing new aspects for the game and its players.
Current admin include:
Aster, known on Discord as Aster#6655 Saph, known on Discord as Saph#6245

Admin oversee mods, gods and reports within the game. They forward bug reports and findings to the developer as well as resolve player disputes, rule breaks and other reports. They are also a higher point of authority on the discord. Admin are exempt from the 2 Day Rule as they have oversight of most of the game for investigatory purposes. They have restricted slots which are heavily monitored in game.
Current mods include:
Poldora, known on Discord as Poldora#0120
Max, known on Discord as maxzephyr#5891

Mods work in tandem with Admin within the discord. They have the ability and authority to enforce Discord rules including but not limited to muting and re-directing conversation. They have no in game authority and as such are not exempt from the 2 Day Rule. Mods also help manage the forum.
Petal, known on Discord as petalmoon#1648

The community manager acts as a liaison between the player base and staff in disputes, as well as a neutral party in investigations of reported rule breaks. They are also responsible for generating community-based activities such as contests or giveaways. The current community manager can be messaged on Discord or emailed at [email protected] Sancon, known on Discord as Sancon#8900
Vammy, known on Discord as Vammy#6426
Kae, known on Discord as ijourikae#4126

The Loremasters are in charge of planning out and supporting ingame storylines, responding to story related reports and keeping the game consistent with the lore. Along with this they assist the gods behind the scenes, handle ascensions and work with the admins to add new plot hooks ingame when necessary. Poldora, known on Discord as Poldora#0120

Wikiteers work primarily on the wiki, updating information and currently are working on a wiki revamp.

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