May 9, 2022 10:40: Footwear update

Shoes are now instead called footwear, in order to include socks, boots, sandals, and other things one might wear on their feet. If you have a character with any items currently classified as accessories but which might fit this new classification, please send in a report with your character's name as well as the item's name and location, and we will change it for you!
May 9, 2022 10:40: Exam season
Hi again. I know a significant amount of our playerbase are students and with May rolling around we have entered the peak exam period for many people. I can remember the spike in stress this naturally brings from when I was studying, so I wanted to make an announcement to remind everyone to try to be kind and patient with each other and themselves. Please please do not hesitate to hibernate your characters and take a break from the game so you can focus on studies. Other players will understand, and you need to do what is best for yourself and your education. Remember Marosia is only a game and it will still be here in July.

Thinking about all of you sitting and wishing you the best of luck!
May 3, 2022 00:37: Progression Bug
Hi guys. Staff are currently aware of projects and travel not progressing as they should. If this is significantly impacting your character [life or death] then please put in an urgently marked report.
May 3, 2022 00:36: Weather Update
The weather system has been updated in order to fix a longstanding bug that has presumably been with the game since the beginning. As such, a lot more weather variations will be popping up all over the world starting now, from thunderstorms in the jungle and blazing hot afternoons in the savanna, to the freezing darkness of the tundra. Please let us know if you notice any weirdness regarding these new weather types!
May 3, 2022 00:36: Attack Tracker
There is now a counter which lists how many successful hits you have scored in a day to make it easier to keep track of. This is visible from the character menu just underneath skills.

The free-to-play collaborative story.

Marosia is a free text based roleplaying game. It is an RPG in a fantasy setting with open world society simulation mechanics. The player can create a character through instant spawning, or through the family system with a selection of different races. Once your character steps into the world, what you do is up to you, as the freedom to play whatever sort of character you want allows infinite possibilities.

Experience the excitement of playing out a character's entire life, and living through their moments. Understand the world around you within a text based environment, where words will sweep you into a new land of imagination and possibility. Feel the pleasures of your character's new discoveries; weapons, armor, tools, and resources are waiting to be used and created for your character's agendas.

Fall in love, start a family, raise an empire, begin a business, create a religion, discover treasure, lead a colony, create a government, plan a plot, become a thief, and change the world. It's up to you. The world is full of magic, surprises, gods, and demons. Where will your character fit within it?
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