January 15, 2024 22:57: Happy 2024!

Happy New Years Marosians! We have a few things to share with you all that might have been missed if you are not within the community Discord server. First and foremost, we have an updated lockdown schedule. Please take a glance to get an idea of when the next lockdowns will be occuring. Lockdowns continue to be every fifth week; so four weeks of Marosia, one week off. As always, the lockdown should begin soon after the daily tick, and end just after the daily tick would have ran.

Scheduled Lockdowns 2024
29 Jan - 5 Feb
4 Mar - 11 Mar
8 Apr - 15 Apr
13 May - 20 May
17 Jun - 24 Jun
29 Jul - 5 Aug

Staff Changes!
That said, we have taken on some new mods you will be seeing in report replies! Please welcome Rilla, Slinky, Salem, and Juli! A huge thanks to them for being willing to step up and help us out. Without mods we wouldn't have Marosia, so we do owe them quite a bit.

Speaking of Marosia...
Is the world called Marosia?
While the game is called Marosia - the world is not, so please refrain from mentioning 'Marosia' on your characters and in any notes or descriptions. However, don't be afraid to be creative and have your characters name the world themselves!

Finally, we have one small QOL change for the game;

Key and Lock Change
You can now click on locks and key copies to check what metal has been used in the creation.

- The Maro Staff
November 6, 2023 11:27: Download your Logs!

Emailed logs have experienced *quite a lot of glitches* in the last year and a half, so our amazing devs rebuilt the option to Download Logs - and it is now available for all of you to try out.

It will be visible on your Account screen. Logs will be generated daily and added to the folder of the current month's download at the daily tick. Since we started running this yesterday, november's logs will start on the 5th!

To give you all a little taste, we have added the unarchived logs from october too! The download for october should contain logs from october 23rd to november 4th.

Once selected, it will give you all logs for all your characters that had events that month; including dead ones.

This also means that we will be disabling email logs for the time being - across the board. Email logs have caused such severe issues with Marosia's server that new players have been unable to receive their sign up email, so we appreciate the community's understanding in this.

Now try out downloading your logs and let us know if you encounter any bugs!

The Maro Staff
November 4, 2023 09:28: Change to tierborn starting hunger
Hi all - after the recent change to when tierborns adopt out, we have reduced starting tierborn hunger to 45 from 70. This brings the time it takes for inactive tierborns to go up for adoption in line with what it used to be prior to the change.
November 4, 2023 09:23: Prayer Problems - Resolved
Hi guys - what it says on the tin. Problems with prayers have now been resolved so no need to hold off on any prayers.
October 31, 2023 06:27: Prayer Problems

Hi all - we are aware of some ongoing problems with prayers not going through to the receiver. Please hold off on prayers for now and if you have anything time sensitive - please copy the prayer and send it to us in a report so staff can pass it on.

Some prayers have made it through but not all. If you're unsure if yours has made it then please put in a report and we can let you know.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

The free-to-play collaborative story.

Marosia is a free text based roleplaying game. It is an RPG in a fantasy setting with open world society simulation mechanics. The player can create a character through instant spawning, or through the family system with a selection of different races. Once your character steps into the world, what you do is up to you, as the freedom to play whatever sort of character you want allows infinite possibilities.

Experience the excitement of playing out a character's entire life, and living through their moments. Understand the world around you within a text based environment, where words will sweep you into a new land of imagination and possibility. Feel the pleasures of your character's new discoveries; weapons, armor, tools, and resources are waiting to be used and created for your character's agendas.

Fall in love, start a family, raise an empire, begin a business, create a religion, discover treasure, lead a colony, create a government, plan a plot, become a thief, and change the world. It's up to you. The world is full of magic, surprises, gods, and demons. Where will your character fit within it?
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