April 29, 2021 16:56: Upcoming event
Hello everyone, the loremasters are in need of players willing to play a temporary special character for a special in game event. Do not worry if you have full slots or a character creation timer currently on your account as that can be waived for this special event. The loremasters need quite a few players for this event, so please don't be hesitant to put your name in the ring. If you wish to apply please send in a story report ingame with the subject line "temporary character application" and the loremasters will respond with further information. Players who get to play a temporary special character for this event will be picked raffle style, so that everyone has a fair chance. The deadline for sending in an application is 18:00 EST on Sunday, May 2nd. Please put the word "lemons" at the end of your report. Thank you for your time.
April 24, 2021 20:12: Rollback
Please be aware that at 2021-04-24 20:00 EST there was a rollback due to a game-breaking issue, bringing the game back to its last saved state on 2021-04-24 00:00 EST. This means that for your characters, nothing occured after that time, which would have been at the last legitimate daily tick. Please remember that we do not RP bugs, so do not have your characters reference them, even in the manner of 'I had this weird dream'.

Also, to the best of your ability, you must not use any information learned during the time covered by the roll back. This means that if your characters were about to be in danger, you cannot make moves to avoid that danger now. Also, if your characters learned information during the time that is being retconned, they must learn it again.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we try to make sure everything is put back to rights. If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a report. Please be understanding that increased report volume will result in increased response times. Thank you for your patience and your continued support!
April 10, 2021 22:48: Invention Changes!
Inventions now come in three categories: Small, Medium and Large.
(Notes and random 6s remain the same)
ALL current inventions are SMALL - please see What to do if Inventions don't Match?! for clarification on how to have this changed!
What Does What?
Small Inventions
  • Can be picked up
  • Can be dragged
  • Have all optional components at x1 each
Medium Inventions
  • Cannot be picked up
  • Can be dragged
  • Have optional components at x 10 each but you must select at least one group of 10
  • Gems are x 1 and optional
Large Inventions
  • Cannot be picked up
  • Cannot be dragged
  • Have optional components at x 50 each but you must select at least one group of 10
  • Gems are x 1 and optional
What is What?
First things first, can you pick it up reasonably as an average RL human?
If no, it's medium.
Secondly, can you drag it around reasonably as an average RL human?
If no, it's large.
Small Examples
  • Non-wearable plushies [just stuffed toys]
  • Candles
  • Soap
  • General clutter
  • A Sims 3 Style Dollhouse
Medium Examples
  • Giant Candles
  • Decorative Boulder
  • A Solo Piece of Playground
  • A Sims 4 Style Dollhouse
Large Examples
  • A Playground
  • Gazebo
  • Any Outdoor Structure that isn't necessarily Monumental and has No Privacy
  • Pyres
  • Funeral Altars that aren't God Related
  • Gravestones
The above are not exclusive!
What to do if Inventions don't Match?!
Firstly, dismantle them! You can dismantle and remake for authenticity if you wish!
If not, drop us a report and we will one off change it to the new and right category!
What to Include in the Report:
  • Select the character it's on
  • Location: your inventory/name of character if their inventory/the ground/a building -> if so, what room?
  • Name of Item [in full!]
  • What you believe it should be and why
Do not hand off the item if it's in your inventory. If you do, notify us where it is.
April 5, 2021 11:25: April Patch Notes
Alright, for real this time! It's been a while without any proper patch notes, so some of these changes are older than one month, but here's a summary of the changes that have happened recently:
- Hibernating while expecting children will transfer the "pregnancy" to the child's father rather than cancelling the "pregnancy."
- Fixed a bug where guards would sometimes attack characters who weren't there.
- Fixed a bug where keys couldn't be dismantled.
- Child characters no longer get a neglect alert if they don't post before the first daily tick after being born.
- Fixed a bug where altars in vehicles couldn't be desecrated.
- Fixed the timestamp when editing a post.
- Fixed various apostrophe-related bugs.
- Fixed a bug where changing account info without changing the password gave an error message.
- Fixed a bug where food and alchemy items would return their components when destroyed.
- Fixed a bug where characters would either not get inbred when they were supposed to be, or vice versa.
- Made Frodge easier to find.
- Update to ignite text to include that markings can light up as well.
- Fixed a bug where animals wouldn't attack when an attempt to steal them failed.
- Removed the ability for water mages to have two-way telepathic conversations except with other water mages.
- Added auto-formatting of newlines to prayers, reports, and crafting.
- Fixed a bug where people dying of old age would not become incapable.
- Reduced minimum hibernation time to 3 days.
- Fixed a bug where gods would lose their domains when posting bluetexts.
- When a god character hibernates, all altars dedicated to their domain will now be frozen with the message "The altar is inert."
- Various extensive changes and bugfixes to the admin and loremaster tools.
Thank you all so much for playing Marosia, and for reporting any bugs you find!
April 1, 2021 04:16: April Patch Notes:
After a break in updates following the ownership change, we are now finally back to your regularly scheduled patch notes! Here's what I've been working on lately:

- Ruins have been added! After several months of hard work, this feature is finally implemented as intended. If you are on a tile with a ruin, you will find that the "Ruin" button has reappeared under the Area menu. Though ruins are intended to be dangerous and difficult to clear, the entrance room is always safe, so feel free to step inside and have a look!
-All races have had their names changed in order to make them more descriptive. While some may consider this a significant departure from the fantasy feel Marosia is known for, it is our hope that these new names will feel just as natural as the old ones in short order.
- The Community Manager will begin player reviews next week.
- Gems will no longer fall out of rocks in locations with over 5000 stone outside, to incentivise people spreading out more.
- In preparation for the coming animal overhaul, all animals older than 10 in-game years have died of old age.
- Child characters of "teen" and younger consuming alcohol will now suffer an immediate injury.
- Naga can now consume tierborns under the age of 10.
- Sanguinism can now be transmitted sexually if the ERP script is tripped.
- In order to encourage players getting along with each other, accounts will now see one random character smited for every 10 avoidances set against them.
- Fae can now only shift one body part at a time. Also, the ERP script sensitivity has been bumped up for all fae.
- In an effort to inject more engaging conflict into the game, a character's life span will increase by 10 years for every other character they kill.
- The travelling merchant has been removed, again. Please report if he resurfaces.
- All watchtowers have been retrofitted with stainless steel floors for sanitary reasons.
- We are aware of the issue of characters randomly being smote. We have decided that it is both spicy and hilarious so we will not be fixing it.
- All town leadership changes must now be settled by combat to the death.
- Gunpowder has been added to Marosia, but only for staff. Good luck everyone else!
- If you kill an admin character, you become an admin.
- Due to inflation, bribes for magic are now starting at $178 (USD)
- Elephants are no longer inside out.
- On a final note, the experiment is now complete. You will receive a debrief email in the next 3-5 working days. Thank you for your time with us.
- Made Frodge easier to find.

Thank you for playing Marosia, and for helping us make the game the best it can be!

The free-to-play collaborative story.

Marosia is a free text based roleplaying game. It is an RPG in a fantasy setting with open world society simulation mechanics. The player can create a character through instant spawning, or through the family system with a selection of different races. Once your character steps into the world, what you do is up to you, as the freedom to play whatever sort of character you want allows infinite possibilities.

Experience the excitement of playing out a character's entire life, and living through their moments. Understand the world around you within a text based environment, where words will sweep you into a new land of imagination and possibility. Feel the pleasures of your character's new discoveries; weapons, armor, tools, and resources are waiting to be used and created for your character's agendas.

Fall in love, start a family, raise an empire, begin a business, create a religion, discover treasure, lead a colony, create a government, plan a plot, become a thief, and change the world. It's up to you. The world is full of magic, surprises, gods, and demons. Where will your character fit within it?
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