August 8, 2022 21:54: New Mods!

Hello again! @Kurokaze, @val, and @treenerneener are officially going to be joining the staff team in a moderator capacity to help us get through reports, so you might see their names pop up in responses from now on.

Please note that staff are currently still discussing applications, so if you applied and have not heard anything yet, then this does not mean that you have been unsuccessful. I did want to announce everything at the same time, but unfortunately a recent spike in investigations mean we really need them now.

For transparency, I want to emphasise that I made all the applications anonymous before passing them to Petal, Kae, and Tali who then discussed them at length. Only after their assessments were done did I reveal the names. Those who have been selected were done on the back of their own merit - rather than any links to me personally.

If you have any concerns at all about those selected, then please do reach out to an admin or Saph - either in private if they have DMs open or through an in-game report.

- Sancon, Head Admin
August 6, 2022 15:31: Welcome back + Regular Lockdowns

Hi again! A belated but official welcome back to the game after the lockdown. We hope you all enjoyed the break, and we have a large change to announce this time. Marosia will now be re-implementing regularly scheduled lockdowns to help with burnout, addiction, and staff wellbeing. There will be a 7-day lockdown every five weeks - meaning we will have a schedule of four weeks on, one week off. The planned lockdowns for the rest of the year are as follows:

22 Aug - 29 Aug
26 Sep - 3 Oct
31 Oct - 7 Nov
5 Dec - 12 Dec

I understand that for many of you this will come as a disappointment as the game can sometimes be all-encompassing - like a book that you just don't want to put down. But these lockdowns are a must for the longer-term health of the game. We have had only one official lockdown since December, and while staff are resilient, the most recent lockdown has helped us realise just how much we were struggling over the last few months. We need the regular breaks in order to have a breather and get on top of things.

Like every change - this is not necessarily permanent. We will review things come December to evaluate if it is working and if any changes need to be made.

For transparency, mods will be able to access reports and gods can access prayers during this break if they want to use it to catch up, though I have not told them they have to do this.

I want to thank everyone for their understanding through the most recent lockdown. It is impossible to please everyone, but at the end of the day I think we are lucky to have such a mature and understanding group of players on board with us, and I hope we can start to reward that with upcoming changes.

All the best,
Sancon, Head Admin
August 1, 2022 05:26: Staff Changes + Mod Applications

Hi everyone - staff are all hard at work behind the scenes to prepare for the game coming back up in a couple of days. First and foremost I want to give a huge thank you and farewell to @EmteeOh who has been with us since February but has now decided to step back from moderating. Like with most of our mods he has been invaluable in contributing to discussions and investigations, and he will definitely be missed, though I'm glad he's going to carry on assisting the wiki team where needed. Hotel California comes to mind...

With Emtee gone though I am interested in trying to recruit some more moderators to help out. If anybody is interested, then you can fill out the form available through the Discord to apply.

When selecting moderators, the following are the top three things I look for:
- Impartiality. We are a tight knit, small community, and many times you will be called upon to give an opinion on a situation involving individuals you personally like or dislike. It is important to be able to separate your personal feelings from the facts of an investigation so you can give a fair judgement call, or recognise where your impartiality could be compromised due to your personal feelings towards the players.
- Resilience. It is no secret that being on staff opens you up to more criticism from the wider community. While abuse is absolutely not tolerated in any official channels, it is not uncommon for rumours and accusations to spiral in private circles. As staff, you will frequently find yourself the subject of these rumours and accusations. While the rest of the team will always be on hand to support you, this can still pose a significant challenge, so please consider this carefully before applying.
- Communication skills. Moderators need to have the ability to articulate their opinions in discussions with the wider team and effectively relay decisions to the playerbase. Communication skills is about more than how you phrase things, and sometimes it is about knowing when to take a breather.

If you think the role interests you and believe you might be a good fit, then please do take a bash at the application form. I will keep the applications open for a week, though I might recruit people on a rolling basis throughout that week depending on circumstance.

- Sancon
July 19, 2022 20:20: Standardised Base Lifespans

The base lifespans of all regular races have been standardised to turn infertile at 45 and senior at 60. This means that for all characters, death rolls will begin at the age of 61. (Note: Reformed lifespans remain unchanged and set to senior at age 40.)

This change was made to simplify calculations for infertility across the board and to address an exploit related to the fae racial perk.

Please be assured that this change has no effect upon the RNG for death rolls. Characters will still have the same increasing chance for each successive roll, the rolls just won't start until a character has reached 61 years of age. As always, the early death button remains an option.

Thank you for playing Marosia!
July 18, 2022 22:28: Special Request Race
Hey, community! The loremasters have been working on a little bit of support for one of the things in lost-and-found; namely, the crypt keepers of Necropolis.

We're introducing a special race that will only be available by submitting a report to the loremasters, all uniquely spawning in Necropolis. This race has been dubbed the Reformed, constructed creatures with both humanoid and insectoid features that include metal and bone as part of their appearance - but they are notably living creatures, not machinery. In line with the theming of crypt keeping and the insect aesthetics, these lovely buggy-metal lads get +1 strength, +1 mining, immunity to illness from corpses and natural level 3 heavy armor as their racial perk. However, they are short lived, starting their old age rolls at 40, in addition to being unable to mate. As they are built rather than born, they are intended to have an innate drive to serve a purpose as a result, akin to the workers of a bug nest/hive.

We ask that players keep in mind that this is a special race. We really hope to see players build upon each others' ideas to make this experience a unique one, rather than getting one granted only to head off to go do their own thing.

All that is needed to get the ball rolling here is for players to shoot us a report, be it to sign up as one or simply send us questions! Keep in mind that it might take a little while before they can start spawning in depending on ingame events, so your patience will be appreciated. Thank you!

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Experience the excitement of playing out a character's entire life, and living through their moments. Understand the world around you within a text based environment, where words will sweep you into a new land of imagination and possibility. Feel the pleasures of your character's new discoveries; weapons, armor, tools, and resources are waiting to be used and created for your character's agendas.

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