Type Change
Time Time moves in Marosia. When a player logs off, the world does not wait - time will pass. One In Game Hour = One Real Life Hour, One In Game Day (12 In Game Hours) = 12 Real Life Hours, One In Game Year (20 In Game Days) = 10 Real Life Days.
Seasons Seasons change between spring, summer, fall, and winter.
Weather Weather may change depending on the major biome of a tile and the season.
Aging With each year that passes, your character will grow in age. Age affects a number of things depending on the race lifespan. Once the age of the race lifespan is met, the character will begin rolling weekly for being set to incapability. The percentage chance of success is (age - lifespan) + 35. When your character reaches their end, they will be made incapable and a message will be sent to notify you. After a week, the character will die naturally. Be aware, if your old character falls incapable for some other reason, and they are already nearing the end of their lifespan, their body may not be able to handle the trauma and could succumb to death earlier than a week.
Hunger As time goes on, your character will grow hungry. Hunger decays at a rate of -12 per day.
Health If your character has been hurt, it's alright if you don't have medicine. They will heal over time slowly at a rate of +1 per hour, but this doesn't apply to injuries. They will heal naturally more quickly in a house with at least 5 pieces of furniture, where their average quality is added to regeneration per hour in residences, rooms, and castles. Tamed animals also heal over time at +6 per day, but heal twice as fast if there is a barn.
Project Progress Every hour that passes, any projects that have active participants will gain progress. If the project is a job, participants will also get paid every hour (as long as the employer is in the area).
Project Completion The generation of a project result. Results can be either products like crafted items and harvestables, or they can be effects like burying a body or healing someone.
Starvation Once hunger reaches 0, a character will become incapable. If the incapable person has no food in their inventory to auto-eat, they will perish the next day.
Animals Animals will come into the area and depending on its stats they may attack people, projects, or other tamed animals in the area.
Child Spawning A child may spawn if there is a mother awaiting the blessing of life who has a child soul matched to them.
Travelling Every hour, travelers make progress in the roads toward their destinations.
Hibernation Daily, hibernating characters will be checked to see if they are supposed to come out of that state.
Orders Hourly, orders for guards and groups will be checked to attack their targets.
Inactivity The game checks out any inactive characters on a daily basis and sends a reminder to roleplay if they; have either been viewed in the last two days but with no posts in said two days, on a map tile that has other characters (with said tile being an entire town or a wilderness area including occupants inside a building), and if they're not hibernating.

If a character matches any of the things described above for 4 sequential days then that specific character will have their experience gain for both attributes and skills lowered to 3 per hour/tick regardless of age or knowledge level. The character that has this debuff will be shown to the player on the selection screen, and it can be immediately lifted by making a roleplay post on them.

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