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Tiger therian!
Attribute Bonus Strength
Skill Bonus Ranching
Lifespan: Character Age - IG Years 59
Lifespan: Adultspawn - RL Months 13.6
Lifespan: Tierborn - RL Months 18
Max Offspring
Per Spawning

Anthropomorphic races may only contain physical characteristics of their specific class of animal, in this case mammals.

Therians have a special connection with the fauna of the world, making them ample ranchers. Their anthropomorphic bodies are built strong, which tend to make males imposing figures, though their body shape and profile is primarily human. Their ears usually take the form of familiar mammals which are inheritable to their children, but they can vary quite drastically between bloodlines. Fur of natural hues and patterns line their limbs and around the face, leading naturally into their hair. Their connection to animals tends to make them prefer their company over that of other denizens.

  • Range for Description is between human and mammal often with ears and tails
  • Description can extend to centurian mammal or fully furred, but is never fully human or fully animal
  • Typically therian facial structure can range between humanoid or anthropomorphic, though are generally sporting fur
  • Children can spawn as humans who gradually take on animal aspects, or they can spawns with their animal traits right away
  • Children spawn from a swirling green blue portal

  • Racial perk

    Therians are able to use their heightened animalistic senses to track recent departures from their local area. They can see the direction of anyone and everyone who has left the area in the last 24 hours, as well as their names if they recognize them through the nickname system. Additionally, therians are able to sense one tile over and identify all people and animals currently outside on that tile, as well as recognize both through the naming system. They cannot see people on roads using this perk. Each of these heightened sense modes last 1 hour, updating during the entirety of that hour, and the cooldown is 24 hours. They share a cooldown, and only one type can be activated per day. Golems are completely immune and cannot be detected.

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