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Category Item Name Description
currencycoinA magnificently golden and smooth metal piece with an embossed image on both sides of scales framed by two cherry blossom branches
gemamethystA variety of quartz that is usually found in a spiky form and can range in colour from a light lilac to a deep, intense royal purple, and from dull to vivid.
gemcelestineA beautiful blue crystal that is normally light in colour.
gemdiamondA clear gemstone that sparkles brilliantly.
gememeraldA clear deep green gemstone that sparkles brilliantly.
gemfluoriteOften a cube shape, this mineral gem is usually blue or purple.
gemgarnetUsually red, this gemstone is often cloudy until cut.
gemjadeAn ornamental gemstone that can be any shade of green and is sometimes mottled.
gemjasperA variety of quartz that comes commonly in a deep red colour but can also be yellow, brown or green.
gemlapis lazuliA deep blue gemstone with golden striations.
gemmoonstoneAn especially glittery stone that magnifies direct light to an almost absurd degree.
gempearlA clear white gemstone that sparkles brilliantly.
gemrubyA clear deep red gemstone that sparkles brilliantly.
gemsapphireA clear deep blue gemstone that sparkles brilliantly.
gemtopazA clear crystal that usually has a similar colour to whatever it is mined from with blue topaz being extremely rare.
herbblood rootA crimson surface root which grows in clusters over arid land. It tastes mildly sweet like carrot.
herbclaw lilyThree large purple-black petals ending in points frame the smaller blooms carrying the pollen of this dramatic flower. Thin feeler strings shoot out from the bloom in ribbons around it. It tastes like licorice.
herbcrystal flowerThe small delicate flowers of this shrub appear almost like glass, and can crumble easily if not handled with care. The flowers themselves have a faint bluish hue to their transparent petals which turn opaque white at the edges. It tastes of fresh water.
herbdeadmuckA slimy, fetid blanket of fungus that tastes of rotten flesh. Despite its abhorrent smell and stomach-churning taste, the muck has a strong minty aftertaste.
herbglow bloomA white bulbous flower which puts off an alluring glow. It tastes rancid but smells like fruit.
herbhook weedA green thorny climbing nettle which tastes bitter. It is a parasitic plant that will make a host of the ground, trees, or brush in the area.
herbkings baneA golden lacy fern which turns black when picked. It tastes sweet at first, but then quickly goes bitter.
herblotus flowerBrightly colored and theatrical flowers are set upon a thick stem, holding large petals that enclose a central yellow receptacle. The petals glow faintly under the moonlight.
herbmiredewAtop a leaf pad is a cluster of tiny, pale blue blossoms with five softly glowing petals on each bloom. The blossom pads float on the surface of the water and overall the plant gives off a sweet, but clean scent. The taste is a mix of nutty and peppery.
herbmoon vineThis is actually moss which only grows on the north and south sides of trees, opposite of the sun moving east to west. When colonies grow large enough they start to hang like finely knit vines. It has an woodsy flavor.
herbsandsquid leavesA green plant with thorns along the edge of its fat leaves. Each leaf is long and bleeds a bioluminescent gel when injured.
herbsilver knotSilver feelers which usually knot into clusters as ground cover. They poke out of the ground looking for the next thing to wrap around to create another colony.
herbsnowberryA thorny, black thicket of painful spines and bright red berries. The berries are filled with a red substance that quickly turns into semiliquid clumps when popped and tastes strongly of copper.
ingredientacacia podPods that contain edible seeds.
ingredientambrosiaA golden fruit, in the shape of a pear, but with the texture of a peach. The flavor changes to whatever food you crave most.
ingredientappleA fruit that comes in a variety of colors, ranging from yellow to green to red, and mixtures of all. They have a thin edible peel, firm flesh, and small seeds arranged in a star pattern in the center. Their flavors range from very tart to very sweet.
ingredientavocadoA round or egg-shaped fruit with a fleshy body and a tough skin. Inside is a large inedible pit. The flesh is smooth textured and has a distintive but subtle flavor.
ingredientbamboo sproutsA dense growth of edible bamboo sprouts.
ingredientbananaA curved fruit that grows in bunches attached to a central stalk. The thick peel can be split easily to reveal a soft white flesh that tastes sweet and can be easily sliced or mashed.
ingredientbaobab rootA hardy root which when ground and distilled has questionably edible properties. When ingested, the roots taste like clay and is extremely high in fiber.
ingredientbarleyA patch of slowly waving grain.
ingredientblueberryA small round blue berry.
ingredientbodhi figA fig grown from a bodhi tree, which is green when unripe and purple when ripe.
ingredientbroccoliA green vegetable that grows on short thick stalks and resembles miniature trees. When eaten raw, they have a fibrous texture and a faintly bitter flavor.
ingredientbubblebloomsGlass-like flowers that produce edible bubbles flavoured like cotton candy and colour. The flowers themselves are also edible and taste distinctly like doughnuts.
ingredientcactiA round spiked plant that can come in a variety of colors. The entire plant is coated in long, needle-like quills that have feint bioluminescence.
ingredientcactus fruitA prickly fruit covered in tough skin.
ingredientcarrotA root vegetable with a green leafy top and an orange root. The root is crunchy when eaten raw, and softens when cooked. It has a mildly sweet flavor.
ingredientcherryA stone fruit that grows in pairs from a single stem from trees. They range in color from pinkish red to almost black, and have a small hard pit in the center. They can be sweet or tart, with firm flesh and an edible thin skin.
ingredientcocoa beansSmall brown beans that if eaten raw are floral and nutty with a bitter aftertaste.
ingredientcoconutA hard round fruit that grows in some palm trees. Once the green outer husk is removed, the brown inner husk can be cracked or drilled open. The fruit is filled with a sweet liquid that has a distinctive taste, and the white flesh is firm and sweet.
ingredientcoffee beansThe hard pits of the coffee cherry. They are small and green, but can be roasted to various shades of brown, resulting in varied flavors and intensity.
ingredientcornA versatile grain that grows on tall stalks and is arranged in rows of kernels around a central cob. They come in a variety of earth-toned colours and range in degree of sweetness.
ingredienteggA white calcium shell protects the soft gelatin yolk inside.
ingredienteggplantA commonly purple spongy, absorbent fruit that is mistaken for a vegetable.
ingredienteucalyptus leavesA stem covered in several long feather-shaped leaves. The taste is bitter and texture is chewy.
ingredientfat grubFat wriggly white grubs with black heads. Their bodies pulsate as they writhe and squirm, fat with slimy yet satisfying ooze. They taste sweet at first, but they leave a lingering bitter aftertaste.
ingredientgarlicAn especially tough and pungent bulbous plant that is divided internally by cloves.
ingredientglowing buttercupA group of bright buttercups. Their petals appear to be edible and leak a bioluminescent ink when damaged.
ingredientgrape clusterA versatile fruit that comes in a variety of colors. They taste anywhere in the sweet to sour range.
ingredientgreen beansA vegetable that grows in long thin pods on a crawling vine. The entire vegetable is edible and has a mild flavor.
ingredienthoneyA golden sweet syrup.
ingredientlake fishA fish with grey meat which is soft to the touch that can only be found in lakes.
ingredientlemonA yellow citrus fruit with a thick skin, when cut the juice is sour but tasty.
ingredientlemongrassEdible grass that can either be added to meals or beverages for a distinctly citrusy taste.
ingredientlettuceA leafy vegetable that is most often green, but can also be found in purple varieties. The entire leaf and its stalk is edible and has a mild flavor.
ingredientlimeA green citrus fruit with a thick skin, when cut the juice is sour but tasty.
ingredientlychee fruitA small egg-shaped fruit with an inedible pinkish red skin. The flesh of the fruit is white and solid, surrounding a single black seed. The flesh has a sweet and aromatic flavor.
ingredientmangoA juicy stone fruit with a leathery skin and soft flesh. When unripe, often the mangos are green and hard but become squishier as they progress.
ingredientmangosteenA deep purple fruit that grows from trees, it has a hard outer texture, but once broken open there is a white, edible center inside.
ingredientmarsh fishA soft fish with blue meat that can only be found in the marsh.
ingredientmeatThe raw muscle and fat from a dressed animal carcass.
ingredientmelonA fruit that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. All have a thick protective rind. They can vary in flavor from very sweet to aromatic to tart, and their inner flesh can vary in texture from soft to firm. All have small seeds distributed in the flesh near the center.
ingredientmilkA white substance that comes from lactating mammals, filled with creamy fats and nutrients.
ingredientmintA bundle of mint, pleasant scents and taste dependant on the variety.
ingredientmountain fishA silvery fish that lives in the chilly freshwater springs and streams in high elevations. The flesh is tough and grey.
ingredientmushroomFungi that come in a variety of shapes and colors. All have thin gills, smooth flesh, and mild flavors.
ingredientonionA bulb that grows underground with green shoots above ground. They are aromatic and range in color from white to yellow to purplish-red. Their flavor ranges from sweet to faintly spicy.
ingredientorangeA round fruit with a distinctively colored peel. The segmented fruit inside is juicy, and can range in flavor from sweet to tart. Small white seeds are arranged in the center.
ingredientpapayaA smooth fruit in vibrant greens and yellows that has a slightly sweet, musky tang.
ingredientpassion fruitA round fruit that comes in a variety of colors, usually purple or yellow. It has a thick and tough rind, and is filled with a gelatinous pulp that contains many edible seeds. The seeds lend a tartness to the otherwise sweet flavor.
ingredientpeachA round fuzzy juicy fruit.
ingredientpeanutLegumes that grow in bundles of shells.
ingredientpearA juicy fruit, ranging in colour from green to yellow. Its shape is that of a sphere which tapers towards the top.
ingredientpepperA fruit that comes in a variety of colors and shapes, ranging from large and round to long and thin or even small and oval. They tend to have a waxy outer surface, a hollow chamber, and many small hard seeds. They can range in flavor from mildly sweet to extremely spicy.
ingredientpineappleA distinctive looking fruit that grows in the center of a spiked leafed bush. They are oblong in shape, with a brown rind with lighter points arranged in spiraling rows. A spiky crown erupts from the top. The inner flesh is yellow, juicy, and very sweet, arranged around an inner core of lighter yellow.
ingredientpotatoA tuber that grows underground. It has a thin skin and a firm flesh when raw. It is a starchy vegetable that can be prepared in a variety of ways.
ingredientprocessedA processed ingredient.
ingredientpumpkinA bright orange pumpkin. It emits a hollow sound if thumped.
ingredientriceA thin stalked grass that grows in bunches in wet fields. The seed grains are edible, and come in a variety of colors and flavors, ranging from bland to faintly nutty or sweet. The length of the kernels can vary in length, but all are small and thin.
ingredientriver fishA firm fish with pink meat that can only be found in rivers.
ingredientsea fishA firm fish with white meat that can only be found in the sea.
ingredientspinachA leafy vegetable with rounded green leaves on thin stalks. The leaves and stalks are both edible, and have a light and green taste.
ingredientspring fishBrightly colored fish with shimmering scales.
ingredientstarfruitA gilled oblong fruit that, when sliced, resembles a five-pointed star. It has an edible skin and a mildly tart flavor. The larger ones tend to be sweeter.
ingredientstrawberryA small fruit that grows on low vines. When ripe, they are red with green star tops and many small edible seeds upon the skin. The entire fruit is edible, with a firm and juicy flesh and a sweet-tart flavor.
ingredientsugarA granulated substance that is either white or brown in color. It tastes sweet and dissolves quickly
ingredientswamp fishA firm fish with red meat that can only be found in the swamp.
ingredienttea leavesWhen fresh these tea leaves have an almost citrusy scent to them. Vibrant and green at first they can be dried and processed to create various kinds of tea.
ingredienttoddaliaA small yellow berry that glows faintly in the dark. The flesh is sweet and juicy, but the soft seeds in the center are toxic.
ingredienttomatoA round fruit that grows on vines. The entire fruit is edible, including its thin skin, firm flesh, and gelatinous seed pulp. They have a distinctive flavor that leans towards tart.
ingredienttomatoA patch of large red berries.
ingredientwalnutA nut that grows in trees of the same name. They resemble green balls when in their husks, but the actual nut resides in a hard brown shell. The flesh is mildly sweet and nutty in flavor.
ingredientwarped walnutA solid nut with tiny unexplained holes and craters all over its shell. It tastes strongly of bitter almond.
ingredientwheatA tall grass with edible seeds located at the tip. The small and plentiful kernels can be eaten raw, roasted, or ground up. They have a faintly sweet and nutty flavor.
ingredientwild leekA tough little grassy tuber that stubbornly sticks to mountainous terrain.
ingredientwild lilacBundles of wild purple flowers that possess edible petals and an exceptionally sweet nectar. Their stems are small and tough, and can be difficult to cut through.
materialcottonUndyed, this material is white, and can be very soft to the touch or it can become very durable denim depending on how it is weaved.
materialflaxUndyed, this material is a pale tan color, and is rather scratchy unless thoroughly worked to bring out its softness.
materialfurAnimal fur varies in color and pattern based on the animal that provided the pelt, but it is usually soft and warm.
materialhempUndyed, this material is a pale green color, and is rather scratchy unless thoroughly worked to bring out its softness.
materialhideThe texture of this material depends on how it was tanned and cured. It can range from soft and squishy to very rough like canvas, depending.
materialjuteUndyed, this material is a pale beige color and is difficult to turn into workable fiber, but very durable once treated.
materialleatherA tanned hide from an animal.
materialpalmleafUndyed, this material is a thick and pliable grass that bends, knots, and tears easily. It offers no warmth but allows for plenty of a breeze when worn.
materialrush fiberUndyed, this material is a rich green color and is coarse and itchy, but very common to find and easy to fix.
materialsilkUndyed, this material is a peach color, and is luxuriously soft to the touch with a soft sheen to it.
materialsteppe feltUndyed, this material is a pale brown-green colour. It is medium weight and made by shredding steppe grass. This releases a viscous liquid which is worked into the shredded fibres and dried to create the felt-like fabric.
materialwoolUndyed, this material is a cream color, and is rather scratchy unless thoroughly worked to bring out its softness.
metalboneironA strange mirrorlike metal that reflects light near perfectly.
metalcopperA copper metal which is extremely malleable even at lower temperatures.
metalgoldA gold metal which is very malleable, and pretty durable.
metalironA black metal which is very malleable, but is likely to rust.
metalobsidianA deep ebony glass like stone that shatters easily.
metalplatinumA stark white metal which is fairly resilient, and difficult to work with.
metalsilverA silver metal which is very malleable, and pretty durable.
oreboneiron shardsShattered shards of a strange shiny bone shaped metal. The metal itself is mirrorlike in reflectivity, causing what light that hits it to dance wildly.
orecopper oreA copper ore.
oregold oreA gold ore.
oreiron oreA black ore.
oreobsidian oreA deep ebony ore.
oreplatinum oreA stark white ore.
oresilver oreA silver ore.
stonebasaltA strong, black volcanic stone formed from quickly cooling lava.
stoneclayA lump of hardened soil. It is extremely uninteresting and is not very structurally sound.
stonegraniteA greyish speckled stone. It is difficult to extract but when polished it glitters remarkably.
stonelichenstoneA black crystal stone. It is very sharp when chipped, but otherwise has a smooth glass texture.
stonelimestoneA tan, porous stone. It is very brittle and easily chips.
stonemagmastoneA hard black stone marbled with red. It stays hot to the touch even in the coldest conditions and is exceptionally heavy for its size.
stonemarbleA hard white stone with cloudy dark striations. It is sufficiently tough but unremarkable until polished.
stoneseastoneA hard white stone marbled with cyan. It is sharp and craggy like coral, which can make it uncomfortable to hold.
stoneshaleA grey stone. It is hard enough to hold, but otherwise unremarkable.
stoneshiverstoneA hard blue stone marbled with white. It stays cool to the touch even in the warmest conditions and vibrates with varying intesity.
stonesiltstoneAn orange stone. It is mostly made up of clay and sandy sediment, making it fragile.
woodaeon woodBanded in variations of green and gold both dark and light, with a strong straight grain. It burns steadily with a green flame.
woodbambooPale yellow in color and very pliable, though prone to fragility and wear. It burns with a sickly yellow flame.
woodbushwoodLight yellow in color and very soft, easy to carve but less useful for tools and building structures. It burns quickly with a red flame.
woodghostwoodWhite in color, the leaves a dark green, almost black. It burns with a blue flame
woodkindlewoodRandom gnarled twigs and branches that have been discarded by various plants and shrubbery. The wood is twisted and brittle, burning with a bright orange flame and producing a thick black smoke.
woodmoorwoodA deep reddish colored wood with bands of gold and brown it gives off a sharp scent when first cut as well as when burnt. It burns with a greenish yellow flame.
woodoarl woodIt has long bands of black and gold, giving it a zebra striped appearance. It burns white.
woodpalmwoodDeep brown in color with a sweet scent which can last for years. It burns a clean yellow and gives off a very pleasantly scented smoke.
woodthornwoodDue to its nature to twist and gnarl it is difficult to build with. It has a deep reddish purple color and burns with a purple flame.

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