Currently, reincarnation is possible within Marosia lore. Each character in the game has a soul which is unique to them. When the character dies, their soul is released. The player can then choose for future characters they play to have the same soul as one of their previous characters, effectively acting as a reincarnation. The intention behind this is to give players the chance to run a character concept again, providing them the opportunity to see where the character may have ended up or what they might have accomplished given different circumstances. Marosian souls are all unique to the individual. Their soul would impact who they are as a person; their personality, their outlook, even their values. Those familiar with the nature versus nurture debate would align a character's soul with their inherent nature. Characters can and should still take influence from the world around them, but their soul can remain a constant baseline that you draw from for your roleplay: a foundation. Souls do not tie a character to a certain appearance, race, or gender. It is possible for a soul to change depending on lived experiences. This is rare, and should only happen under extreme circumstances where you feel it is justified. For example, if your character's soul is inherently insecure, yet they lived a fulfilling life with plenty of accomplishments and praise, then this could cause a shift within their soul to remove their base insecurity. Most changes would be subtle rather than dramatic, and it is also valid to keep your character's soul as fixed - never changing, regardless of what life they lead during their incarnations.

If you would like your character’s soul to reincarnate in a new iteration, then please send a report in-game to the loremasters. If you would like to reincarnate your character's soul into a new character, then there are a few caveats which you must keep in mind. As mentioned above, reincarnation is a way to play through a life again, seeing where different choices or circumstances would cause them to end up. It is not a way for a character to achieve immortality. For this reason, these standard rules must be followed if you wish to play a reincarnated character:

  • You can only play a reincarnated character of a character you have previously played (your OC).
  • You must wait at least one in-game year before being able to reincarnate the same soul.
  • Reincarnated characters cannot be visually recognisable as any of their previous iterations at a glance.
  • They cannot retain any memories of past lives. This means they are not able to recognize or even get a funny feeling at seeing a place or person which was significant to them in their previous lives.
  • They are not allowed to remember experiences of their past lives - even if they would be logically reminded of it, such as by walking into an old home or reading a book they wrote.
  • Water mage abilities such as clairvoyance or necromancy will not work as intended on previous incarnations of your character.
  • Powerful entities may be able to know the soul has been reincarnated.
  • Reincarnations must be reported prior to spawning.

    Any exemptions to the above must be cleared through the loremasters through a special plotline.

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