Guide: Establishing Alliances Between Settlements


Alliances allow the sending of mail between settlements by any citizen of either settlement. They can be offered only by the person holding the diplomacy position OR the head of a settlement.

Once an offer has been made through RP for an alliance between settlements (often described as an alliance, a treaty, or a message line), the one offering the alliance clicks on the Town Sign button on the left side of the screen. This will open the Town Sign window. Near the bottom is a button for Offer Alliance. Clicking on this will offer an alliance to the town leadership of the town you are currently visiting. A green text message will indicate an alliance has been offered.

The diplomat OR town head can then click on the Town Sign button on the left side of the screen to access the Town Sign window. Near the bottom, they can click on the Alliance button. This will bring up a list of current and pending alliances. A button to accept will be on the right. There will be no message of confirmation when an alliance is accepted, and notification should be roleplayed.

In the event a diplomat or town head wishes to break an alliance, they access the option in the same manner: Town Sign > Alliances > Break

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