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Naga female
Attribute Bonus Dexterity
Skill Bonus Alchemy
Lifespan: Character Age - IG Years 57
Lifespan: Adultspawn - RL Months 13
Lifespan: Tierborn - RL Months 17.3
Max Offspring
Per Spawning

Anthropomorphic races may only contain physical characteristics of their specific class of animal, in this case reptiles.

The reclusive and secretive Naga are talented alchemists who tend to be fascinated by natural properties, and their keen eyesight gives them natural skill with a bow. Their skin ranges through a variety of colours from dull tones to brighter colours, scales speckling their skin over their limbs and around their faces in varying degrees. Their teeth are fanged, and their eyes have slit pupils with the iris having a wide range of inheritable colour variations. Their hair tends to compliment the colour of their scales so that they can have better camouflage.

  • Range for description is between human and reptile
  • Description can extend to centaurian reptile or fully scaled, but is never fully human or fully reptile
  • Typically has human upper half with a reptile lower half
  • Children hatch from eggs

  • Racial perk

    Naga have the ability to consume entire animals, the animal's fur, hide and meat being converted into raw food gain. A naga can only do this if they are hungry (less than 50% hunger fill) and it has been three days since their last meal. The naga will attempt to overpower the animal using their strength or dexterity attribute, whichever is higher, versus the animal's power attribute. The naga cannot attempt to consume the same animal more than once per hour, and an attempted consumption counts as an attack. A naga also cannot consume an animal if they have attacked it in the last hour.

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