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Kobold male
Attribute Bonus Knowledge
Skill Bonus Mining
Lifespan: Character Age - IG Years 56
Lifespan: Adultspawn RL Months 12.6
Lifespan: Tierborn RL Months 17
Max Offspring
Per Spawning

Kobolds are not the prettiest race, but who needs conventional beauty when you have gold? With bumpy, wrinkled skin that varies from green, blue, and grey, pointed ears, and eyes which range from black to earthy tones they tend to blend in with their preferred marshland or underground environment. Their race has a reputation for greed, and shrewdness, often making them astute stewards in the more sophisticated towns - but in the rural areas they can be easily seduced by the dark promises of potential treasure offered by mining. Their tendency toward greed makes them natural hoarders of anything precious or valuable.

  • Range for description is goblin-esque, between human and amphibian
  • They must be humanoid and typically have mottled, wrinkly skin. Amphibious tails are legal.
  • Children spawn from a black ooze

  • Racial perk

    Kobolds can create kobold dens, small buildings that can be attached to any other building or stand alone outside. The dens can then be connected to each other via underground tunnels cross tile. Only kobolds can use this tunnel network and they cannot bring mounts, but the travel speed does scale with Dexterity and is faster than walking. Kobolds traveling in the den cannot be seen by watchtowers. One den can be connected to only one other den, but multiple dens can be built on a single tile in order to connect to dens on several neighbouring tiles. Anyone aged 14 or older can destroy a kobold den with no tool requirements, and if they are destroyed, anything inside the den falls out, the tunnel collapses, and the kobolds in the tunnels are exposed and subdued. Destroying a den falls under the vandalism law break.

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