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Attribute Bonus Strength
Skill Bonus Engineering
Lifespan: Character Lifespan - IG Years 60
Lifespan: Adultspawn - RL Months 14
Lifespan: Tierborn - RL Months 18.3
Max Offspring
Per Spawning

Golems are the great and mysterious beings made of minerals, held together and made sentient by forces unknown. They prefer mountainous areas which can withstand their sheer weight and force of movement. They typically stand over 9 feet tall, and their eyes are set with gems of varying types. The cracks and the spaces where their limbs meet their body typically glow a faint color, but the color itself can vary according to mood.

As many of them yearn to understand how they came into being, many theorise it to be a magical source, and so items and artifacts of history pertaining to the Old World tend to be highly sought after. Their great strength and natural understanding of material make them very apt builders, and they have a special appreciation for precious metals which they use to decorate and armour their mighty forms.

  • Range for description is any type of solid sediment held together with a magical kinetic force, size may vary. Moss and small plant growth is legal amongst their stones.
  • Eyes may include any mineral or none at all as eyes are optional.
  • Golems are not inherently magical as individuals, they are made of a magical energy that works mostly involuntarily like the heart does in an organic body. Golems cannot move the rocks on their body beyond basic telekinesis, cannot roleplay over mechanics for magic, and cannot magically change their initial form in any way. They can at most, have pieces of themselves shifting, moving, growing or adjusting, but they cannot send rocks flying as projectiles or reform their limbs as weapons.
  • Children are formed from rock

  • Racial perk

    Golems are immune to all diseases and poisons of any level, and their corpses do not spread diseases. They are not immune to curses, but any other racial perk which affects other races has no effect on them.

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