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Folk lass
Attribute Bonus Knowledge
Skill Bonus Manufacturing
Lifespan: Character Age - IG Years 56
Lifespan: Adultspawn - RL Months 12.6
Lifespan: Tierborn - RL Months 17
Max Children
Per Spawning

Folk are the hard working and resilient truly human race. Their hair, skin, and eye color ranges in earthy colors. They are natural survivors, and they tend to group together to better their chances. However, this is where their unity typically ends. Living and working together is one thing, ideals are another. Folk are often individualistic where it concerns beliefs and culture, and as a result there is no one Folken way of doing things. When they do find a way to unite, however, they can be extremely progressive.

  • Range for description is human only
  • Can range between types of human such as dwarf and giant
  • Typical rendition is standard human stature and features
  • Children spawn from the earthen soil and clay

  • Racial perk

    Folk are able to collect clay (stone) and kindlewood (wood) on any tile, always allowing the hearty and resourceful folk to find what they need in even the most barren of areas. Both of these are quality 1, and can only be gathered by other folk once the project is started. Once the resource is done being gathered, however, they can share it freely with other races.

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