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Female fae
Attribute Bonus Knowledge
Skill Bonus Cooking
Lifespan: Character Age - IG Years 55
Lifespan: Adultspawn - RL Months 12.3
Lifespan: Tierborn - RL Months 16.6
Max Offspring
Per Spawning

The graceful Fae are the celebrators of life. Their nature tends to lean towards harmony and well-being, connected by the sharing of food, festivities, and the arts. Their delicate wings allow them to fly short distances, and range in colour as well as type, inheritable by parents. Their eyes range from any colour but can change dramatically depending on their mood or even change with the passing of seasons.
They tend to be very emotional and sensitive beings, which feeds into their creative spirit. As a result, even their most inexperienced have an instinct toward good cooking and entertainment, allowing their festivities to centre around grand banquets and performances. They also appreciate the practice of art, often encouraging the crafting of ornamental items to showcase the beauty of nature and the workmanship coming together.

  • Range for description is fairy or plant hybrid, between plant and pixie.
  • Description can extend to a more classic fairy that is very small, or they can be plant based, but they must always be humanoid. Their non-human traits can range anywhere from insect like to foliage. Fae can have bug wings and antennae, but nothing more with bug aspects. They can have any parts replaced with plants or fungi, including additional foliage growing from their bodies.
  • Cannot be fully bug, plant or human
  • Typically they are human-sized with wings like various types of insects, but they can be much smaller.
  • Children spawn from totems carved from wood by the parents of the respective fae

  • Racial perk

    Fae are able to shift into any race and either biological sex with a one year cooldown. Once shifted, they stay shifted until the cooldown is over, and the cooldown triggers even when shifting back into a fae. A fae can only shift into playable races, except for golems, and only those which the character has seen through naming them. Fae do not get the racial perks of any of the races they shift into, and they are not disguised. Everyone can still recognize what they have named the Fae in the past. Fae are able to mate with others of the race they have shifted into.

    A fae cannot shift while waiting for their child to be born. A child from a fae is always the race of whatever they were when they were able to mate except in the case of two shifted fae, which will always result in a fae child (so that fae cannot steal children from other lines).

    Once sanguinised, fae lose access to their perk and remain 'stuck' in whatever form they were in at the time of conversion along with receiving the sanguine modifier.

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