Disease and Sickness

Disease and sickness exist within Marosia as of 18/02/2020. There are unlimited strains of virus and disease and they may travel through populations via different vectors (methods).

Infection begins when you interact with the vector i.e. airborne, animals, contact with certain items. (This list is not extensive.) During the incubation period you will not have symptoms but you will be contagious, possibly passing the illness to those around you. After a variable amount of time, you will present symptoms. These will be shown in a red box in your normal events feed, it will describe your symptoms giving you the opportunity to roleplay whatever signs of illness your character has. This is when you know you are infected but you won't know the vector nor how long you have been sick for.

If the illness presents physical symptoms, this will show on your character card - for example boils. The disease may also affect you mechanically causing anything from permanent marks to reducing stats to death.

After the disease has ran it's course, your character will become immune to that strain providing they survived it, however it is possible to still pass on the disease after immunity has been gained.

There will be various preventative measures and cures to illness and disease coming shortly including, but not limited to: masks, gloves, herbal remedies and passive healing items.

Please note: Due to the recent release of this feature, this article is purposely short and may be expanded over time in line with changes and widespread knowledge.

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