The Marosia map is made up of tiles. Each of those tiles can have several biomes on them which may also have an associated fauna and resource. You cannot travel to tiles which are made up solely of mountains, ocean or lakes without special requirements being met.

The below table provides an up to date overview of the biomes that can be found In Game and their descriptions. Some biomes have been withheld to encourage a genuine response to finding them In Game.

Biome Name Description
Acacia Grove A group of wide-leafed trees well-suited for arid climates.
Alpine Mountainside Massive grey rock juts out of the ground, go up for miles into the sky in this area. Their peaks, which are unreachable by foot, are flat and speckled thick with snow. Small shrubs surround the center of these mountains, and are bare except for a few tiny leaves surrounding bright red and yellow flowers with four petals, blossoming year-round in any terrain.
Ancient Battleground Hidden in the grasses and dry soils of the savanna are bits and fragments of what was once metal and bone and any number of lost creations and artifices. All are now long degraded past function, knowledge, or replication. Only echoes and memories of lost memories remain.
Apple Grove A grove of relatively small trees with dark brown bark, some covered in white flowers while others bear round fruits that vary in colour from red to green.
Avocado Grove A grove of large dome-shaped trees with elliptical leaves arranged in a spiral on the tips of the branches. Small greenish yellow flowers cluster at the ends of twigs, and large, fleshy, pear-shaped fruits dangle for the picking.
Badland The sharp rocky hills are striated with a multitude of colors among the earth and rock as though they were painted and left to dry. Scavenging birds can often be seen in the distant skies, circling an unknown source of death.
Bamboo Forest A low fog crawls across the soil, masking trickles of water and a thousand different chittering things in the very low-hanging clouds. Stalks of bamboo stretch into a blanket of perpetual thick mist that blankets the sky from sight, hiding any number of shrieking birds above as they dart and hunt through the mist. The air is humid and almost uncomfortably warm, smelling strongly of grass and detritus.
Bamboo Sprout Thicket A thicket of young bamboo shoots reaching only a few feet to a half foot in height.
Banana Grove A large patch of banana plants grows here. Standing some fifteen feet high, the plants resemble trees, but do not actually contain wood. They are crowned by broad elliptic leaves that can be as long as ten feet and as wide as two. The bananas form a series of rings beneath the leaves, arranged around a branch like a crown. They are grouped together in bunches.
Baobab Cluster A span of bulbous trees with dense roots.
Barley Patch Tall grass with a hairy stem waves in the breeze. At the tip of each stem is a collection of kernels arranged in little spikelets.
Bayou Expanses of murky water littered with lily pads are interrupted by humped hillocks of marshy ground. Mangrove trees shade the water, making the area seem dim. Their large roots arc out of the water and plunge back beneath its mysterious surface, creating pockets of dark dens that seem beautifully foreboding.
Beach Misty sea air crashes around this long white beach, which seemingly goes on for miles. Birds can be seen in the far distance over the vast crystal blue ocean, searching for their meal of the day. At night, the stars and moon shine brightly over the horizon, making the soothing sounds of the ocean that much more pleasing.
Black Cave A rocky outcrop leads into a deep dark cave where one could swear they hear whispers urging them to come inside if they listen closely enough.
Black Vein A vein of black course through the rock, jutting from the ground.
Blue Boscage Everything about this collection of shrubs and plants is blue. Even the bugs that scamper between the blue stems of the blue trees.
Bog Moist spongy soil composed of decaying plant matter makes up the ground of this bog, where only small bushes and plants can survive. Reeds grow here, surrounding the edge of wetter land. Few animals can survive here, leaving only smaller mammals and amphibians to make do with scarce resources. The faint scent of death and decay fills the air, and misty fog makes seeing anything difficult, especially at night.
Broccoli Patch This area has a patch of plants that closely resemble tiny green trees surrounded by large flat leaves that grow close to the ground.
Buzzing Rush These are varying tufts of dense marsh rushes sticking out from the brown, muddy water. Various croaks and squeaks can be heard in the underbrush, and the patches smell of very wet grass.
Cacao Grove A grove of trees that stand close to twenty feet high, with leathery looking leaves nearing a foot in length. The new leaves are a shocking red, while the older leaves have shifted to green. The trees are laden with elongated ribbed pods containing a multitude of seeds about one inch long.
Cactus Field Cacti and other succulent plants dot the area, providing a semblance of life to an otherwise unforgiving environment.
Canyon Much deeper than a valley, with much steeper walls of solid rock and minerals surrounding it, the desert canyon is beautiful, and dangerous. With already-set paths to follow because of the high sandstone walls, it’s difficult to get anywhere, but there are plenty of animals making do in the area. Freezing nights and boiling days make this place almost unbearable for anyone not adapted to be in such a harsh environment.
Cape The land here shapes into a blunt point out in the ocean, constantly being eroded by ocean waves.
Carrot Patch A patch of wispy looking green fronds attached to long edible orange taproots.
Chasm A narrow, deep pit opens its maw to the world here. There is no telling how deep it goes.
Cherry Grove Trees with white bark and red leaves grow about 12 feet, but the branches hang low, offering plump red fruits that grow in pairs.
Clay Deposit A very dull deposit of wet soil, moistened by the sea and several inland streams. Small animals and vermin have a tendency to get stuck in the muck.
Coconut Palm Tall trees erupt from the sand here and there. Their trunks are covered in a ridged bark, and stretch with a gentle arc towards the sky. At their tops, wide fronds erupt like a crown, and green coconuts cluster close to the trunk beneath their shelter.
Coffee Grove Short trees with broad glossy leaves grow here. Running along their thin branches are bright berries with a hard seed inside.
Corn Field A wide expanse of countless tall leafy stalks, bearing large yellow ears of maize kernels enveloped in leaves layered into a husk.
Cotton Field A field of brown woody shrubs with fluffy white bolls bursting out of seed cases spreads out in a wide path.
Craggy Cliff There is a cliff with sharp jagged rock edges and stone formations.
Crater A large scar in the land. The impact point is deep and wide, telling a tale of sudden violence humbling in its scope.
Crumbled Ruins What might have once been masonry lies about in unreconstructable piles scattered about the tall grasses, bearing the tale of structures of strange design that can never be rebuilt.
Deep Swamp A perpetual soup-thick fog boils just above the surface of a primordial bath of obscure muck. Dragonflies far larger than they should be flutter and dart from tree to tree, their wings beating through air that smells and feels millions of years old. Aside from the flight of massive bugs, the swamp is deathly quiet; save for the rare and ominous slosh of water as unseen things lurk in the mire.
Desert Vast seas of white sand make up this desolate and harsh desert, with windswept hills, and an extremely hot climate. The only plant life here are cacti, though there are plenty of reptiles, and even a few mammals or birds that make their home here. At night, the air is dark with freezing cold wind, contradictory to the daylight temperatures.
Dirt Mound Hardened piles of mud and detritus that have collected and provide adequate shade from the sweltering heat by a wide assortment of burrowing creatures.
Dry Canyon Infrequent patches of grass and the odd scrawny tree here and there mark the depths of a canyon long carved out by an incredibly unimpressive streamlet over an unimaginable amount of time. The walls of this canyon, while imposing, provide no small amount of life-preserving shade from the local temperatures.
Dunes Large mounds of sand cover the land as far as the eye can see. The sand slowly shifts in the wind like the waves of a great ocean, completely burying any plants which otherwise might have grown in the area.
Dusty Plain Dry, flat expanses permeate this region, marked by towers of hardened clay in which a faint constant buzz can be heard in their sun-baked depths. Dust storms frequent the area making visibility poor.
Ebony Vein A vein of purple black courses through the rock, jutting from the ground.
Eggplant Patch A large patch of leafy green bushes hiding purple eggplants.
Estuary Ocean and river collide in a mixing of waters, producing an area filled with silty soil and brackish water.
Eucalyptus Trees A patch of eucalyptus trees are scattered about in this area.
Fallen Tree A tree has yielded under the burden of its daily life and has toppled over here, providing protection for small amphibians.
Forest Dappled sunlight gleams bright and airily across the lush cushions of moss and grass blanketing the forest floor, which is greeted by lacy ferns and an occasional flower or shrub. The many woodland creatures often make a feast of the strange luminescent blue mushrooms native to the area. The mushrooms are poisonous to all beings except the animals that live here, causing stomach pains, vomiting, and fever in sentient people.
Forest Glade An area of cleared land within the forest, where the trees have not encroached. Grass, ferns, and some wildflowers grow here in a pocket of natural light not filtered by the leaves of the surrounding trees.
Fortress Dark black stone walls make up a huge structure that seems to have many compartments. It is impossible to see inside. The second story only has slits in the stone for windows.
Fresh Thicket This thicket consists of a vast variety of mint plants such as spearmint, lemonbalm and catmint to name but a few. The area smells incredibly fresh due to the dense and bushy foliage.
Fuzzy Bushlands Several low bushes speckle the landscape here. Set upon the bushes are balls of fat, fuzzy fruit which seem like they would be more suited on trees.
Geyser Arid rock and sand opens in an impression in the earth, with a cistern that gradually fills with a glassy pool of heated water. Occasionally, the surface will roil and bubble, and then a great plume of steam and water is ejected into the sky.
Glacier A sheet of ice that looks like frosted blue glass sits like a wall the the north.
Glacier Cave A small dark cave is carved into a glacier.
Glen There is a large divot in the ground framed with gentle slopes.
Glowing Flower Patch Mysterious white flowers grow in a large patch in this area, giving off an enticing glow that appears to flicker as the blooms sway in the breeze. Throughout the area the air is filled with the sweet smell of fruit.
Glowing Meadow A carpet of buttercups and other assorted flowers stretch as far as the eye can see, illuminating the ground with a soft glow. Stems and leaves shimmer with gentle green light, and petals light up the earth with an almost unimaginable spectrum of colors, all ranging from sweet pastels to vivid primary hues.
Gold Vein A vein of gold courses through the rock, jutting from the ground.
Golden Herb Patch There is a patch of golden, low growing foliage on the ground.
Grand Tree A large, very old dead tree with a crack in its trunk. A face seems to have been carved in the south side, eyes closed as if asleep. Various large branches and dead leaves coat the surrounding area.
Grape Vine Tall vines climb along rocks and other plants in this area, bearing clusters of small round fruits that are either green or purple in colour.
Grassland Lush green grass lies on the ground like a blanket, flowing softly in the wind. Colorful flowers occasionally dot the landscape, and large grazing animals can often be seen lazily chew the grasses. The plains seem to go on for miles with trees being a rare sight. At night the entire area seems to light up with fireflies, making the air seem mystical with peaceful stillness. Small birds, unfit for prey, flutter in the air, can often be heard chirping happily at their leisure as they pick at the wild fruits and vegetables that can be found in this landscape.
Green Bean Patch The ground here is covered by a great number of snaking vines, from which hang long green pods. As the seeds inside mature, the pods toughen and can be easily snapped off the vine.
Grove A stand of younger trees that not yet matured, extending over an area too small to be considered a proper forest. Ferns and wildflowers grow among the underbrush, not yet choked of light from above.
Hemp Patch A sprawling patch of stout and aromatic herbs with compounded palmate shaped leaves. Some have small yellow flowers at their tops.
Hill The ground slopes in a gentle incline here, the land swelling into a large hill. Tall grass and various shrubs and wildflowers cover its surface like a shaggy coat.
Ice Shelf A thick floating platform of ice is forming on the ocean surface.
Icy Coast The biting winds blow across the icy coastline.
Jungle Ancient trees guard the land here with their great twisted roots, creating a surreal landscape of dappled twilight far below the lofty branches which reach to dizzying heights above. The monstrous giants can even be seen wrapped around each other at times, as if in an endless battle to catch the sun at their heights. The darkness of the jungle is thick, with shadows everywhere. Even the highest peak of the sun lends only a little sunlight to hit the ground, making the leaves seem like they’re glowing wherever the rays peek through. Sounds of all kinds erupt from unknown places within the wild maze of jungle, creating an eerie atmosphere for those not familiar with this terrain. Large strange fruits of all kinds of colors can be seen high in the trees, getting picked at by small mammals. There is a stillness to the air as though the very jungle holds its breath, which often makes one feel as if they are being watched.
Jute Field A field of shoulder-height jute waving gently in the forest breeze. Several scraggly trees dot the field, many of which have been hollowed out or nested on.
Lagoon Pools of crystal clear water are separated from the ocean and each other by shallow sand bars, replenished by high tides.
Lakeside A lake laps at the edge of this area.
Legume Sprawl A patch of wild peanuts.
Lemon Grove This area has a cluster of small evergreen trees with long tapered leaves. The wide branches are covered in small white flowers as well as a large amount of firm yellow fruits.
Lettuce Patch A wide patch of leafy vegetables growing in clumps and bunches.
Lichen Irregular borders mark the edges of patches of lichen that crawl over the wet stones like a colorful quilt.
Lime Grove A large grove of vibrantly green leafed, strong trees that bear small green citrus fruits.
Low Lying Palms A thick bush of low-lying palms hanging and occasionally rustling over several dozen large sandy mounds.
Lychee Grove A grove of trees stand here, with slender trunks and branches that droop with glossy linear leaves and clusters of pinkish-red fruit hanging from thin stems.
Mango Grove A grove of trees with thick trunks and a rounded canopy made of dark glossy leaves. Squat teardrop shaped fruits grow in bunches along the branches.
Marsh Murky foul smelling water reaching up to the knees spreads along the landscape of this area. It is almost impossible to walk here without being in the water, unless there are trees or lichen indicating dryer land. Reeds and dying trees are mostly what populate this terrain. A foggy mist sits above the surface of the water, making finding a way around the area that much more difficult. Thick black mud sits at the bottom of the water, and jagged, jet black stone shoots out of the surface in clustered pillars.
Marsh Pond A quaint pond sits idly in the fog, amid gentle croaks and the buzzing of insects. At night, the moons reflection shines like a mirror on its calm surface in a sea of distant stars.
Meadow Thick fields of many types of flowers and herbs squeeze tightly next to one another, lending any onlooker a beautiful sight. The fields go on a fair distance, hiding all kinds of life under various leaves and petals. Like a sea, the wind blows the flowers along like waves, making loose petals fly in gentle swirls in the wind. The scent of the area is almost overpowering, like a natural perfume that has hints of sweetness and bliss. This meadow is thriving with life, many types of animals roaming here to find the natural deposits of food and grass.
Melon Patch A wide patch of low-growing plants with small yellow flowers covers the ground in the area, large leaves hiding the round gourds that rest on the ground underneath.
Mesa Mountainside Massive orange rock juts out of the ground, go up for miles into the sky in this area. Their peaks, which are unreachable by foot, are flat and speckled thick with snow. Small shrubs surround the center of these mountains, and are bare except for a few tiny leaves surrounding bright red and yellow flowers with four petals, blossoming year-round in any terrain.
Misty Hot Springs Bubbling, warm springs form pools of steamy water on natural raised rock surfaces. Thick growths of fragrant flowers, grasses, and mundane herbs have sprouted all over the nutrient-thick soil, lending a thick flowery scent that permeates the location with lazy whorls of scented condensation.
Monadnock A rocky outcropping of stone ground sits in this area.
Mountain Peak The air is so thin here it is hard to breathe. The winds relentlessly try to push visitors off of the peak, but the view beyond is spectacular.
Mountainside Massive grey rock juts out of the ground, go up for miles into the sky in this area. Their peaks, which are unreachable by foot, are flat and speckled thick with snow. Small shrubs surround the center of these mountains, and are bare except for a few tiny leaves surrounding bright red and yellow flowers with four petals, blossoming year-round in any terrain.
Murky Depth A large pit filled with murky water, concealing whatever may hide within.
Mushroom Patch Various fungi grow here, sprouting from the dirt or clinging to dead vegetation.
Oasis A rare sight for sore eyes in the middle of the harsh desert climate, this oasis is full of lush plant-life surrounding a large pond of clear water. Animals from all over the desert come here to replenish and live another day; both predators and not. The sounds of insects and amphibians permeate the air without any signs of stopping.
Ominous Briarwood The light in this extraordinarily hostile-looking briarwood seems to dim and shadows grow just a little longer when stood in. Faint whispers and ominous shrieks permeate the thorny depths. The briarwoods vaguely smells of meat.
Onion Patch Partially buried in the ground in this area are round brown bulbs which sprout tall, hollow blue-green leaves in a fan pattern.
Orange Climber Broad-leafed vines creep about on whatever surface they can cling to, with orange bulbs sprouting from their stems.
Orange Grove This area has a cluster of small evergreen trees with long tapered leaves. The wide branches are covered in small white flowers as well as a large amount of firm round orange fruits.
Orange Vein A vein of orange courses through the rock, jutting from the ground.
Overhanging Ledge A large, flat monolithic stone juts out from the nearby mountainside, providing a pristine vantage point to survey the surrounding area.
Papaya Grove A grove of small, sparsely branched trees grows here. The trees have a single stem and bark resembling a palm tree, with a spreading crown of branches arranged in a spiral. The leaves are large and lobed, and beneath them grows a cluster of almost cylindrical green fruits with firm yellow to salmon colored flesh and numerous black seeds.
Passion Fruit Vine Hardy vines with leaves that are glossy and dark green on top, and lighter and matte on their undersides, crawl over every available surface in this area. The vines bear thick-skinned fruits in either purple or yellow varieties, with the yellow being slightly larger. They also have extremely ornate looking flowers with a sweetly aromatic odor.
Pepper Patch A patch of plants with vine-like branches and broad green leaves, laden with waxy fruit.
Pineapple Patch A patch of plants with a spreading collection of spiky fronds. On a central stalk, a pineapple grows, one per plant.
Pit There is a large pit here, several miles long, that reaches to unknown depths.
Plains Level land stretches in all directions, covered in tall grasses that ripple in the wind like a living sea.
Platinum Vein A vein of platinum white courses through the rock, jutting from the ground.
Pool A large pool of azure water sits invitingly, surrounded by sloped banks and glossy tropical greenery.
Potato Patch This area is dotted with leafy plants bearing white and pink flowers, or small green fruits on the older plants. When uprooted, they reveal a series of edible lumpy tubers.
Prairie A wide expansive of open dry grass, which attract small animals, grazers, and consequently predators. Coupled with the sights, this area gives a sense that is both lonely, yet free.
Prickly Patch The ground here is covered in various types of cacti, each with barbed needles that threaten all who draw near.
Rainforest Mountainside Massive grey rock juts out of the ground, go up for miles into the sky in this area. Their peaks, which are unreachable by foot, are flat and speckled thick with snow. Small shrubs surround the center of these mountains, and are bare except for a few tiny leaves surrounding bright red and yellow flowers with four petals, blossoming year-round in any terrain.
Ravine Sharp sedimentary declines create a deep, rugged ravine.
Red Root Cluster Grouped in colonies, crimson plants with tuberous growths cluster and spread over the arid ground.
Rice Paddy A shallow expanse of water, like large puddles. Slender green grasses grow in bunches, and tiny fish swim between.
River Delta There is land that is broken up into tiny islands among the murky water which flows between the sea and inland.
Riverside A river runs through the center of this location.
Rock Formation Part of the bedrock juts out of the ground in this area, creating a smooth rock formation. Warmed by the sun on one side and casting a wide shadow on the other, a variety of small bushes and flowers grow along its base.
Rocky Cliff A rocky cliff protrudes with a sharp decline.
Rocky Coast The coast here is rocky, with pebbles making up most of the beach, and steep eroded cliffs standing firm against the crashing waves.
Ruin A small crumbling stone structure. Upon inspection, there is a trap door with a staircase leading down.
Ruined Castle A huge castle towers over the area, visible from a great distance. Though it may have appeared grand once, it is clearly old and decrepit. The walls are crumbling, and several sections appear to have caved in entirely. Any exterior indication of who or what might have built it is long gone.
Sand Bar There is a sand bar that reaches out into the ocean just above the water surface.
Sandsquid Brushes A splattering of sandsquid bushes. Each bush has long glowing leaves that are thorned on the edges and spread wildly from a center point. The leaves wriggle wildly when touched.
Sassland This area is very dry, and mostly devoid of life except for sasscats that prey on small mammals in the area. The soil is salty, and large chunks of salt can be seen as marbled in pink.
Savanna A vast flat expanse of tall grass and sparse foliage, subject to particularly dry weather and blazing heat. Precipitation is seldom but not unseen, inviting grazing animals to mill about the swaying tall grass.
Savanna Brush The local brush is thick and tangled, providing more than adequate nesting grounds for a dense concentration of insectoid life and small prey and ambush species.
Savanna Coastline The coast here is drier than most, where soil turns to clay and clay to sand. The surrounding geography is relatively flat, with any inclines quite a distance away from the sea.
Savanna Lakeside A lake laps at the edge of the plains, ridged by especially tall grasses that greedily take advantage of the supply of life-giving moisture.
Savanna Mountainside Massive granite rock juts out of the ground, go up for miles into the sky in this area. Their peaks, which are unreachable by foot, are jagged and speckled thick with snow. Small shrubs surround the center of these mountains, and are bare except for a few tiny leaves surrounding bright red and yellow flowers with four petals, blossoming year-round in any terrain.
Savanna Riverside The muddy riverside of the savannas provides the benefit of a constant flow of fresh water for the nearby flora and fauna. The scent of claylike mud and drying algae is prevalent; rich smells softened by the streams that trickle through this area.
Savanna Steppe A highlands in the arid grassy plans, raised and particularly stony for the area. Wind conditions are exceptionally strong on these rocky regions.
Sea Cave The long white beach comes to a slight obstacle here. A small cave, half submerged within the tide sits alone here. Upon investigation, one would find the beauty of the cave very breathtaking. The light that reaches within causes the ripples in the water to reflect upon the rocky walls. Crustaceans and fish search for places to hide underneath the clear surface.
Seaside Foothills Waves crash and collide in the near distance, echoing a vague call of the sea through the nearby mountains. Tufts of tough grass and scattered rocks sprawl up into the rocks above, a faint pungent smell rising from the tubers that refuse to give up their grip on the poor soil.
Shiny Detritus Pile The slow-moving waters of the swamp has moved significant amounts of dead and rotting refuse to this abnormally stagnant pool, made more pungent by the warm sun's constant presence in this small clearing. Speckles of golden gleam can be caught from the pile of rotten waste.
Shrubland Too numerous to be occasional; too sparse to be a forest, thorny shrubs of twisted branches and dried vegetation dot and streak the land.
Silver Herb Patch Patches of clover hug closely to slivers of silver herbs popping up from the ground.
Silver Vein A vein of silver courses through the rock, jutting from the ground.
Sinkhole A large almost completely round lake with level banks and sharp borders. It is filled with clear water, and yet the depth is impossible to judge.
Smouldering Magma Lode A field of red hot rocks spray the area; disturbing natural rock formations, burning patches of flora away, and melting small areas of sand into glass. Every so often, a new boulder smashes into the ground with a thunderous boom, flinging molten rock for several meters.
Snowy Mountainside Steep mountainsides are packed with snow.
Spinach Patch A patch of green leafy vegetables with thin stalks and broad round leaves.
Spire A white tower sits here that is so tall, you cannot see the top while standing near it.
Spring Clear, clean, fresh ground water gurgles up into a sizeable pool here.
Starfruit Grove A collection of small bushy evergreen trees with drooping branches and soft small leaves arranged in a spiral around the branches. Small clusters of flowers that range in shade from lilac to a deeper purple lend a sweet fragrance. The fruit of the tree is ribbed and waxy, yellow in color.
Steep Mountainside Massive grey rock juts out of the ground, go up for miles into the sky in this area. Their peaks, which are unreachable by foot, are flat and speckled thick with snow. Small shrubs surround the center of these mountains, and are bare except for a few tiny leaves surrounding bright red and yellow flowers with four petals, blossoming year-round in any terrain.
Strawberry Patch A patch of low vined bushes with green frilled leaves and plump red berries growing in small clusters.
Stream A constant trickle of water runs through divots of eroded earth here, creating a stream.
Sugar Cane Tall canes grow here, with long green blades of grass waving from the top of each one. They grow in groups and bunches, packed close together in little colonies.
Swamp Moisture weighs heavily in the air of this swamp; the ground not even visible as it sits under the waist-high murky water. Trees tower all around, with thick roots that rise from the water. Predators sift through the liquid, awaiting the small mammals to fall from the trees into their hungry mouths. The only hint of sterling beauty within this area is the light blue crystal that climbs up the trees, seeming to protect them from too much moisture. The small hints of light that make it down to the water-filled floor make the crystal shields glint and sparkle. It gives a misplaced sense of security to those who linger too long in the danger-infested waters of this habitat.
Swamp Grove This is a drier location than most of the surrounding swamp, offering travelers a chance to partially dry their feet off on significantly less moist raised patches of wild grass and faintly sweet-smelling bog flowers.
Swamprise A rise in terrain around the surrounding swampland allows for the drying of feet and relative safety from perpetual submergence and the creatures within. Unfortunately, the elevation leads to numerous small stagnant pools in the surrounding area that has led to small clouds of pests and makes for an otherwise drab experience.
Taiga The lands spreads out before you with wildflowers that carpet the vales with a riot of color. This area of land is significantly elevated, giving a breath-taking view of the world in the far distance. Many wild fruits and vegetables thrive in these heights, which attract small animals, grazers, and consequently predators. Coupled with the wide open sights, and lush flora, this area gives a sense that is both lonely, yet free.
Tea Shrubs Various clusters of vibrantly green tea shrubs dot the area, filling the air with a surprisingly distinct and almost citrusy scent to it. It's dotted with tiny bright pink blooms.
Thorny Herb Patch A large patch of green nettles covers the ground of this area, choking out other plants and climbing over any and all obstacles, making it difficult to traverse the area without getting stung by the needle-like hairs on the invasive herb's jagged leaves.
Thorny Thicket A thicket of bushes with reddish-purple bark grows in this area, gnarled and thorny branches twisting every which way and forming a tangle that is awkward to navigate, the brambles prone to catching on the clothing, fur, or skin of anyone or anything that ventures into it.
Tomato Patch A patch of herbaceous plants with short stems and round fruits that are originally green and then ripen to red.
Tropical Forest Tall palms, lush ferns, and a vast variety of other vegetation pack across sandy soils, which often blow to-and-fro from the humid ocean breeze.
Tundra A frigid wind blows constantly here, roaring across the vast white wasteland, driving the minuscule ice crystals which glitter in the meager light of midday and create a sculpted landscape of sharp ridges and narrow twisting valleys.
Valley A large drop in the elevation of the ground creates a valley in the area, filled with grasses and strange-looking flowers. Ivy wildly creeps up the rough walls of minerals and soil that enclose the valley, which might be used to climb up the side, if not too steep. The area is overgrown with low bushes, grasses, weeds, and large white flowers. They glow gently, seeming to bring on a sleepy sensation if one stares directly at them for too long. They reach up to five feet in height; their bulbous heads and feathered petals hanging over like dim street lamps.
Vine Overgrowth The trees in this area are all covered in what appear at first glance to be vines, growing thickly in large clusters on the north and south sides of the tree trunks, sometimes obscuring the bark of the trees entirely.
Volcano A huge volcano that can be seen for miles. It is active, and can be seen pluming steam and ash into the air on occasion.
Walnut Grove A stand of tall trees with spreading crowns. Their branches are laden with hard green fruits.
Warm Rocky Outcrop The crash of the sea leaves a spray of seawater that drizzles across the white rocks in the area. Steep cliffs bear scraggly trees that look over the outcrop from high up.
Waterfall The falls can be heard before they are seen, a great rumbling fury. They pour over an edge several stories above, silver-white water plunging into the pool below with a thunderous crash that throws spray into the air. Rainbows can often be spotted among the splashes.
Watering Hole During hot periods this watering hole is little more than a murky puddle in the middle of dry and cracked earth, animals of all types converging here to drink. After periods of rainfall however, this watering hole can become expansive with lush flora taking root around the edges.
Wet Mountainside Massive black rock juts out of the ground, go up for miles into the sky in this area. Their peaks, which are unreachable by foot, are flat and speckled thick with snow. Small shrubs surround the center of these mountains, and are bare except for a few tiny leaves surrounding bright red and yellow flowers with four petals, blossoming year-round in any terrain.
Wetland The soil here is above water, but holds moisture like a sponge. Most plants here look dead or drab.
Wheat Field Dry grasses of pale red color cover the ground in fields, with a few scarce trees scattered far from one another in the area. This wheat field is teeming with wildlife, whether all are visible or not, as predators lurk within the grass’s concealment.
Wild Flower Garden The fertile soil in this area allows for a large variety of wildflowers in a multitude of colours to grow in tightly packed tufts here. The air is filled with a sweet, soothing aroma, and had it not been for the haphazard placement of the flowers one might assume this were a carefully tended garden rather than a wild meadow.
Wild Lilac Patch A patch of wild lilacs. Faint buzzing sounds similar to tiny wings is a constant around these patches.
Wooded Mountainside Massive grey rock juts out of the ground, go up for miles into the sky in this area. Their peaks, which are unreachable by foot, are flat and speckled thick with snow. Small shrubs surround the center of these mountains, and are bare except for a few tiny leaves surrounding bright red and yellow flowers with four petals, blossoming year-round in any terrain.
Woody Shrubland In a region not quite as wet as the surrounding area grows a copse of trees and shrubs. Their bark is white and the branches long and spindly, bringing to mind an army of ghosts fruitlessly reaching up towards the sky. The roots are slick with moisture, but still provide somewhat more stable footing than the marshy surroundings.

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