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Avian borb male
Attribute Bonus Dexterity
Skill Bonus Tailoring
Lifespan: Character Age 57
Lifespan: Months (Adultspawn) 13
Lifespan: Months (Tierborn) 17.3
Max Children
Per Spawning

Anthropomorphic races may only contain physical characteristics of their specific class of animal, in this case birds.

Avians, the connoisseurs and admirers of great beauty. Their flamboyantly coloured feathers are impressive on their own, making up their own unique style per individual, but they are dexterous tailors who use their skill to create and adorn in a show of status and talent. The colours of their feathers range in such a spectrum that it's not uncommon to find every colour in the rainbow among them - perhaps even on a single Avian. Feather arrangement depends on the person, but often it covers their heads in various types of plume, dabbles along the outer line of the face, and covers their limbs entirely.

  • Range for description is between human and bird
  • Cannot be fully bird nor fully human
  • Their bodies are sometimes feathered, and their face can be anywhere between humanoid and bird. Their wings are located on their arms.
  • They can fly freely
  • Children hatch from eggs

  • Racial perk

    Avians can fly to the summit of mountains. They can only do this if they are unmounted, not in a vehicle, and in a travel group with only other avians or alone. This process is longer than just walking to a tile nearby, and does not decrease speed with dexterity like walking does. They can perch on the top of the mountain, but there is no resources to use that high. They can do anything anyone would normally be able to do on any tile once up there, including make buildings or nests.

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