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All characters are born with a set of skills and attributes. There are three main attributes, and twelve skills with 5 levels each. All skills have a root attribute, which is used during actions or projects that result in effects rather than items (in tandem with your skill, in many cases). Attributes take longer to level than skills, and they can only be levelled through the skills that belong to them. For example, you can increase your strength over time as you develop your smithing skill. Experience gained on skills is directly affected by knowledge attribute, but attribute experience is not affected. Most actions that take time will gain you experience, except for hunting and hitting with your fists, or participating on a voting project.

Strength is the melee root attribute for dodging and damage. It also affects inventory capacity which starts at 100 then steps up by 50 for each strength level for a max of 300. It is also required in order to break locks with a crowbar or to use a battering ram for sieges.

The drag capacity limit per level will increase every time Strength is leveled. For specifics of the capacity limit, it will be twice the amount of the inventory capacity limit.

Dexterity is the ranged root attribute for dodging and damage. It also plays a large part in how well defended you are against guile based actions like pickpocketing. It increases travel speed by an hour per level when walking.

Knowledge increases the amount of exp you earn for every hour on a project as the level goes up. It is also the base attribute for magic abilities and attacks, and healing projects.

Attribute Skill Level Effect Influence
Strength Melee Damage Fighting with melee weapons, partly. Weapon quality is also a factor.
Mining Just Speed, Not Quality Gathering materials from underground and refining them such as ore and stone.
Harvesting Speed and Quality Gathering materials from above ground such as wood.
Smithing Speed and Quality Tempering materials into weaponry and jewelry. Higher quality does more damage.
Dexterity Marksman Damage Damage with ranged weapons, partly. Weapon quality is also a factor.
Ranching Ability, Quality, and Speed Taming animals to be steeds, or producers and collecting from them.
Tailoring Speed and Quality Making high quality clothing.
Cooking Speed and Quality Creating high quality foods. Higher quality is more filling.
Knowledge Alchemy Ability and Quality Producing substances with special properties, such as medicine. Also affects success rate of applying those substances.
Engineering Speed and Quality Building structures (which do not have quality), and complex machinery.
Guile Ability and Speed Lock picking, eavesdropping, pick pocketing, and stealing animals. The art of stealth.
Manufacturing Speed and Quality Crafting tools, furniture, and other small items or tasks.

There are five levels (1 through 5) for skills and attributes. The text blurbs for each level are shown in chart the below. New characters start at level one for all skills and attributes, except as noted (See Spawning for more information on differences between types of spawns).

Each skill requires 6048 experience points to level. Each attribute requires 8064 experience points to level (gained 9 per hour). Experience is mainly gained through hourly participation in projects. Exceptions are experience gained through armed combat and hunting, as well as at the successful completion of some high risk tasks such as stealing animals. The level of your knowledge attribute determines how much experience you earn. [See yonder chart]

Leveling skills is a big part of the game, but it's secondary to roleplay. Skills help you do things more effectively, and faster. Using a maxed skill will still gain experience for its associated attribute. Maxing out an attribute will no longer gain experience for that attribute.

Level Text
1 Poor/Weak
2 Novice/Okay
3 Apprentice/Average
4 Expert/Good
5 Master/Strong
Knowledge Level Skill Exp Gain
1 9
2 10
3 11
4 12
5 13

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