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Guide: Sanguinism


The Sanguine are cursed individuals of any race except Golem. Their condition often slightly changes the appearance of the race they are. An individual who has been cursed with sanguinism will be able to successfully bite people and animals once daily, and can convert others to sanguinism once a year. Biting replenishes your hunger and can be a quick fix if you don't have food on you, or it can replace food altogether if your bites are strong enough. This perk can be used once every 24 hours. A more detailed explanation can be found below!

Bite is a function that allows you to bite an individual or an animal in order to drink their blood. This ability takes the place of any perk your character would otherwise have if they were not Sanguine. If you bite another character, the hunger you gain from this will be two times the amount of damage you deal with the bite, i.e. a successful bite for 7 damage will recover 14 hunger. An attempt to bite someone with their guard down will always succeed. On the flip side, if you attempt to bite someone with their guard up, you may fail and you will be countered. Keep in mind, their armour affects how much damage you can do just like it does regular attacks. Biting people counts as combat, therefore you will not be able to hibernate for a week after biting someone without sending an admin request using the ingame report system.

You may also attempt to bite animals. Landing a bite on animals is determined by their power levels and your Dexterity or Strength attributes, similarly to the naga perk or attacking animals regularly. Success cannot be guaranteed with animals, and biting an animal will only give you the same amount of hunger as the damage you deal, so for instance if you bite an animal for 4 damage, you will replenish 4 hunger.

The amount of damage you do when biting is determined by your Dexterity or Strength, whichever is higher. As a result, the higher these attributes are the more replenishing your bites get. If you miss your target, you can try again in an hour, or try on a different target. Children under 14 will have to wait 4 hours, like standard combat timers. You will also not be able to perform a regular attack on that specific character or animal until the timer is up. Once you successfully bite, you will be unable to bite anyone or anything else for exactly 24 hours.

In order to mate as a Sanguine, you must meet all the regular criteria for mating, but the person you attempt to mate with must also be a Sanguine. A male Folk and a female Sanguine Folk will not be able to see the "Mate" option at all, as if they were different races. Both the modifier (Sanguine) and the race (in this case, Folk) must be the same for successful mating.

Upon a successful mating attempt, a child in the queue will begin showing a timer to spawn like normal. However, that individual will be unaware that their character will be a Sanguine until they are born. Like the mated pair, they will not have their racial perk, but instead have the ability to bite and convert others to Sanguine. The child will still have the stat boosts from their race, however. For example, a child Sanguine Daemon will be born with the Strength attribute and Smithing skill at level two, but they will never be able to Ignite unless they find a way to cure their Sanguinism.

Sanguines have the ability to spread their curse to other individuals. People who aren't subdued or incapable will be able to accept or deny the conversion request, but if you are subdued or incapable you have no say in the matter. Upon conversion you will lose your racial perk, and gain the ability to bite and convert others. No stats will be changed; you simply will no longer be able to do what most others of your race can do. Avians lose their ability to fly, for example. Note that any Sanguine can convert others, regardless of age. When you convert someone, you will need to wait a whole in game year (10 real life days) to convert again.

When you convert someone who is incapable, you will heal them from the incapable state. They still have the permanent injury they received when going into the state as well as any other injuries they may have sustained, but will otherwise be fully healed. However, this comes with a price. When you convert someone who is incapable, you will collapse from the strain of bringing someone back from near death, leaving you subdued for 48 hours. When in this state, you will be at the mercy of those around you. Anyone nearby will be able to take your character's held items, move you -- and even incapacitate you or worse. 24 hours after becoming subdued, someone will be able to incapacitate you followed by the ability to kill you after another 24 hours. If the 48 hours pass without anyone incapacitating you however, you will return to normal and be able to do things again. If you try to convert someone who is incapable, you will receive a warning about this beforehand.

Sanguines can be played a large number of ways, and therefore how you decide to roleplay your Sanguine is completely up to you. Some make theirs bloodthirsty monsters, and some make theirs ashamed of who they are. As for feeding your Sanguine, many often opt to make “animal blood” as an ingredient or a beverage in the crafting menu using animal meat. This way, you can roleplay them as still consuming blood, if you wish, without a physical bite.

Something to note: When you are converted, you are allowed to make some conversion transformations so long as they fall within the guidelines of what a Sanguine is and what race you are. For instance, your kobold may grow long fangs and a more monstrous appearance, but they can't suddenly sprout fur, as they are still a kobold. Sanguinism tends to make characters appear more monstrous, they'll grow fangs, and you'll have the freedom to roleplay changing skin tone, hair color, etc. This is a one time transformation opportunity, meaning it would be a rule break to change their appearance again this way later. The only exception to this is the eyes, which can glow, but do not need to do so constantly. As long as you stick to the provided guidelines, however, there is no single correct way to be a Sanguine, so have fun! Be creative with it!

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