Recent Changes

Here you will find new additions, adjustments and removals that have been added to the wiki following amendments by the Dev and announced in the official Discord chat.

List of New Features

  • Racial Perks are being implemented. ONGOING
  • A Child Behaviour Guide has now been implemented and immersed within the rules. Implemented as of 17/APR/2020
  • New furniture and containers have been added, along with some adjustments to items like Crates. Implemented as of 10/APR/2020
  • Child Guardianship system has been provided. Implemented as of 22/MAR/2020
  • Disease and Illness. Implemented as of 18/FEB/2020
  • Character Cards now show travel percentage. Implemented as of 13/FEB/2020
  • Windows. Implemented as of 13/FEB/2020
  • Deceased Characters now show the name you nicknamed them as in the description of the corpse. Implemented as of 04/FEB/2020
  • When you are locked in to a tierborn spawning, you will now see a countdown on the character card that shows how long it will be before you arrive in the world. Implemented as of 04/FEB/2020

    List of Adjustments

  • Pregnancy adjustment to change duration and notification style. Implemented 18/MAR/2020
  • Furniture must now be at least 5 unique pieces to provide the healing bonus. Adjusted as of 14/MAR/2020
  • Notes, names, descriptions and images can now be adjusted while walking on a road. Adjusted as of 19/MAR/2020
  • Items can now be described with apostrophes (') without all the automatic forward slashes(///). When adding a name to something, Capitals now work too. Adjusted as of 18/FEB/2020
  • You can now see and take items from surrendered characters. Adjusted as of 18/FEB/2020
  • EXP and Inheritance has now been adjusted to make true mastery harder and fix the old inheritance system from encouraging a faster power creep. Adjusted as of 09/JAN/2020

    List of Major Wiki Changes

  • Update to Healing Information Provides information about which buildings give a healing bonus, also found on Facilities
  • Animal List has been updated to include most new animals. Please note HP is currently incorrect and due to be fixed shortly.

    Please Note: This page may not include all changes as it is amended by humans. Please see the wiki change log for individual updates that may have been missed and/or minor edits not mentioned. You can also visit the Discord Announcements channel to view basic information.

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