The Loremasters' Guide to Requests


Hello Marosians, the loremasters have decided that it would be helpful to create a guide for submitting a special request.

In this guide, there will be some examples of the sorts of things that loremasters can help players with, general guidelines on how to make a request, and answers to other frequently asked questions.

Our motto is that anything can be requested, but not everything will be accepted. We favour original and creative ideas which place an emphasis on enabling an interesting story arc. An ideal request would also give some thought and consideration to how it would fit within the world’s lore.

It would be impossible and far too restrictive to give an exhaustive list, but to help give you an idea, here are some of the things that loremasters can do to help facilitate special requests from players:

  • Do blue text events (personal and area-wide)
  • Play a special character for a short duration to facilitate a scene
  • Create items and resources
  • Give characters brands and injuries
  • Reduce characters health or hunger
  • Place characters in the subdue or incapable state
  • Reduce or increase a character's stats
  • Change the weather
  • Apply modifiers and facilitate other transformations
  • Instantly move characters from one location to another
  • Facilitate spawning a character in a specific location
  • Enable the playing of a non-standard race
  • Request the adjustment, addition, or removal of an in-game biome
  • Revive or reincarnate a dead character

The most common requests we see are ones asking for a child character to spawn, an increased life span, the revival of a dead character, and magic. All requests are given their due consideration, but requests which give your character an advantage they would otherwise have been unable to obtain themselves must always have an in-game justification for why they have been granted. Loremasters are able to help you spitball, but you need to bring the initial idea to the table in the report.

We also see a lot of requests to play a unique character of a non-standard race. For these requests the main things we look for when considering the report are:

  • What will the character bring to the game?
  • Can the concept be accomplished using one of the standard races? Does the player need a special race for this to work?
  • Will the player have the motivation and dedication to make the storyline work?

You do not need to include your unique characters full potential description in the request itself. You only need to give us a brief outline of the concept.

We are bound by what is currently possible mechanically - but if you are uncertain if your request is possible, then ask! You might be pleasantly surprised, and we have implemented mechanics specifically for special requests before, and intend to do so in the future.

The loremasters look forward to receiving these requests, and they’re a wonderful way to bring new player-led ideas and story threads into Marosia. Requests should be made through the report system in-game similar to rule breaks or bug reports. While loremasters are exempt from the 2-day rule and can be messaged through the discord, special requests will not be considered unless they are presented through an in-game report. Members of staff handle official staff-player communications through reports as they are an effective and convenient way to communicate with the player-base.

In the subject for the report, a player should put what they're requesting and specify what type of report it is. In the case of a story request, a player should put the words “Story Request” somewhere in the subject followed by a brief summary of what your request is. For example, “Story Request - Head Injury”.

In the report, you should put as much information as you can so the loremasters have all the knowledge they need to make an educated decision on whether or not to accept the request.

If your request is time-sensitive, then please put this in the title of your report. We aim to respond to all requests within a week. If you would like your request to be looked at immediately, then please put “Urgent” in the report subject line, including a reason for why you think it is urgent in the contents of the report itself. Can I have a private chat with a loremaster?
Loremasters can be messaged directly on discord, but if you would like to discuss a special request then please submit a report and we can open a private channel with you in the discord if needed. The opening of a private chat does not guarantee that your idea will be accepted.

How long will it be until I hear back?
It depends on the content of your report, but we aim to respond to all special requests within a week. It may take longer if your request is more complex, or due to other factors outside our control such as an influx of reports and other demands on the team's time.

Can I ask for an update?
Yes, but please remember that we will respond to your request as soon as we have an answer or if we require more information.

Can my report be anonymous?
Your OOC user tag is not associated with your in-game report unless you sign them off. It is possible for us to look up which accounts are associated with which discord tag, but we only do this when we need to open a private chat with you.

If I’m unhappy with the response, can I appeal?
Yes. You can respond to our answer with your opinion and we may bring you into a private channel to discuss further. If you are unhappy with the way the request was handled, then please contact the Community Manager. You can do this via Discord or by emailing [email protected]

Who is going to look at my report?
All reports can be seen by the in-game administrators. Reports relating to lore and story are then triaged to the loremasters. Your report will then be looked at by one member of the team or everyone depending on the contents.

Will I be punished for putting in a request which is denied?
No. You will never be penalised for making a request which is denied. Denied requests are not tracked and do not count against you.

How do I submit a special request for my group without breaking the no-OOC collaboration rule during the planning stage?
Once you have a basic idea then you should put in a request through an in-game report to ask for permission to discuss further. If granted, then the admins will set up a private channel in the discord for you to continue discussing legally. The loremasters will be present to answer questions but otherwise will let you all formulate the details of your group special request. Once you’re agreed, then you can present it to the loremasters in the channel who will come to a final decision. As stated above, the opening of a private chat does not guarantee that your idea will be accepted.

Is there a limit to how many story requests I can submit at any one time?
No. You can submit as many ideas as you would like, even if you are still waiting to hear from a previous one.

Is there a limit to the number of special storylines my characters can have?
No. All storylines are considered on their own merits regardless of whether the account has already been granted a special request in the past.

Where Can I Give Feedback?
Compliments and complaints on request handling can be sent to the Community Manager via discord or the [email protected] email address. Feedback for this wiki entry should be passed to the Wiki Team. Your opinions, good or bad, on ongoing in-game loremaster events can be submitted through an in-game report. Any concerns, anxieties, or worries you have should also be immediately passed to us in the format you are most comfortable in, be it via a friend, the Community Manager, an in-game report, or through a direct discord DM. Please do not suffer in silence - we want to hear from you!

All feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated! We do events for your benefit, so knowing if we are off the mark or providing an enjoyable experience is invaluable in helping us improve.

And finally, thank you for playing Marosia! We hope you enjoy the game as much as we do.

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