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Big male dae
Attribute Bonus Strength
Skill Bonus Smithing
Lifespan: Character Age 58
Lifespan: Months (Adultspawn) 13.3
Lifespan: Months (Tierborn) 17.6
Max Children
Per Spawning

Daemons are the manifestation of Chaos within Nature. Born to die, this race lives hard and fast but are bred to think smart and for the strength of their kind. They place that strength above all, be it of the mind, character, spirit or self as it gives them the tools to navigate the world around them. This affinity to chaos and their inner fire means they have a natural instinct towards metalcraft and smithing.
Due to their chaotic nature, Daemons spawn with a variety of eye and skin colours which often feature tribal markings. Their horns are as free as their spirits and grow in all shapes and sizes, these tend to be inherited by children along with any non-functional wings and tails.

  • Range for description is demonic in nature. Fur, hooves and similar are okay providing the character is clearly a humanoid daemon and does not blend too heavily with any other race.
  • Tails, leathery non-functional wings, and any horn type are legal and are usually inherited.
  • Children spawn from a great flame that dies out as they exit.
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