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Marosia Ban List

This list has been generated following a discussion within the community channel of the Marosia discord. The idea of this list is to provide transparency without encouraging witchhunts. We expect the information here to be used maturely and there is no need to contact the player, should they be known.

If you believe that your ban is unjust, false or anything else, please get in touch either via discord to any admin or the dev listed here. Alternatively, you can email . There are two possible appeal routes, either can be taken depending on what you wish to do. The first is a private appeal in a discussion with the dev/admin/mod team and the second is a public appeal whereby both sides present their cases and the community as a whole has input on the Player's fate. However, staff will always have the final say on the ban. More information on this process can be obtained at the point of appeal.

Please Note, this list may include names of those already dead at the time of smiting and are presented in the way they were set by the player.
JianNisM - Male Naga

Ban Reason: Refusal to Read Rules. Broke several within first few minutes.

Teen Male Therian - Unnamed Male Therian

Ban Reason: Suspicious Behaviour including a Fake Email.

Natalie Nevernight - Female Folk

Ban Reason: Paedophilic Behaviour in Oldrosia.

Arie - Male Folk
Rainbowthistle - Male Fae

Ban Reason: At the Request of the Account Holder.

Luna Strom - Female Folk
Aerie - Female Naga

Ban Reason: Paedophilic Behaviour; Did Not Report in a Known Minor.

Panna - Female Avian
Bellatrix - Female Folk
Ekkei - Male Naga
Nezera Ebonsilk - Female Sanguine

Teen Male Avian - Unnamed Male Avian

Ban Reason: Multi-Accounter.

Nimnh - Female Kobold
Iris Fovea - Male Fae
Pealt 'Pea' - Male Folk
Light - Female Golem

Them (One Two) - Female Sanguine

Ban Reason: OOC Information Collaboration, Player Harassment and Multiple Accounts.

Varix Gladerunner - Male Therian
Seras Windrunner - Male Folk
Elar Ashgrim - Male Daemon

Ban Reason: Paedophilic behaviour.

Alexis Badeaux (dead) - Female Sanguine
Cookie (dead) - Male Avian
Myr (dead) - Female Daemon
Bridgette (dead) - Female Folk
Char (dead) - Female Fae
Myra Bane (dead) - Female Daemon
Teen Female Kobold (dead) - Unnamed Female Kobold
Teen Male Fae (dead) - Unnamed Male Fae
Sia Celestia (dead) - Female Sanguine
Teen Female Naga (dead) - Unnamed Female Naga
Teen Female Fae - Unnamed Female Fae

Ban Reason: OOC Collaboration.

Julian Nightfel (dead) - Male Folk
Corian Evernight (dead) - Male Folk
Corsen Sticen (dead) - Male Golem
Waryn Nightsend - Male Fae

Ban Reason: OOC Collaboration.

Teen Female Daemon
Brahm - Male Golem
Muko - Male Therian

Ban Reason: Multiple accounts.

Coarse - Male Golem
Sinvorn Armastus - Fae
Jento Erasmus - Male Folk
Cynthia Sarauta - Female Therian
Hap - Male Therian
Seven Eleven - Male Daemon
Unnamed Golem - Male Golem

Ban Reason: Repeat 2 Day Rule Offenses.

Milo Grizzley ??? - Male Folk [Displayed as was by the player]
Laohu - Male Therian
Knot - Male Kobold
Velanos Morte - Male Daemon

Ban Reason: OOC Coordination, Coercion and Multiple 2 Day Rule Offenses.

Wilson - Male Folk
Abigor Lestat - Male Daemon

Ban Reason: Ban evasion and multi accounting.

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