Account Settings

In Account Settings you can reset your email, reset your password and a few other options.

You can select the option to turn off other character's avatars. Your own will still show, but when you view others they won't have an associated image present.

You can choose to turn on daily automated logs which will send separate emails of each character's logs for the past day. Make sure to check your spam.

If you do not receive logs after selecting this option, please try another email address.

Here you can choose to remove characters from your account by culling them. This will make the character instantly die of natural causes in their sleep, in-character, without forcing the player to have the character suicide or walk off into the wilderness to die of starvation because of a lack of interest or a need to cut down on playtime. This action is permanent, you will not be able to request this character to be revived. It is also instant, so there is no time to change your mind, intentionally. Please be sure you are positive you want to let the character go before you select this option. The character must be 19 before you have to option to cull them and it must have been two hours after their last action before the system will allow you to cull them.

Hibernation is a state that a character goes into which does not allow them to age, go hungry, or be attacked but their mounts can be stolen and the character can be dragged freely irrespective of grouping. You can select a date of duration from 2 days to 2 months irrespective of travel, violence, poison, incapability or subdued states. If the character is incapable, subdued or poisoned, the timers associated with these (including old age) pause meaning you cannot wait these out through hibernation. Hibernation is to be used responsibly and is not a "get out of jail free" card.

Hibernations also occur automatically when crossovers occur and lift when the crossover has concluded.

Character thoughts are saved to preserve mindset over time and as a way to prove character motivation when it comes into question during events. In order to view them, go to the "Actions" section, click the "Character" button, and click "Thoughts" which will be under the "Character Settings" section. Your thoughts will be saved after being submitted and will not be deleted as they will be there for display purposes. After reaching the max amount or 15 thoughts, the latest thought will remove the oldest one from view.

Thoughts are not retained in the system once the character dies. It is recommended to keep a personal log if you want to access thoughts at any point, especially if you have gone over fifteen.

The personality field on your character is a place for listing their base personality and can be developed over time similar to their description. It is imperative all characters have this filled out in case of staff investigations into motives and other issues. In order to access the box, go to "Actions", click the "Character" button and the personality box can be found below the description box.

Motivations can be found under the "Character" button via the "Actions" bar and is set between Thoughts and Hibernation. Motivations should be written each time your character acts outside of their standard behaviour portrayed in their personality. Motivations can be viewed by staff and staff characters to determine the reasoning behind actions that might not line up with expectations, though the legitimacy of your character's reasoning is not judged. Motivations can be written in the first or third person and similar to thoughts, the motivations tab will hold the fifteen most recent motivations recorded.

The following must always be recorded irrespective of character personality:

  • Stealing
  • Attacking (not sparring)
  • Trading
  • Gifting
  • Murder
  • Characters notes are OOC notes by the player that are attached to specific characters by viewing their profile in the "People" list. Players can use these for out of character memos about that char to keep track of things like someone's birthday, for example. It is also a good idea to use your own character card and character notes to retain information about others you might want to keep even when they are not around.

    You can toggle counter-attacking on and off through the Character tab under Actions. When off, your character will not automatically counter any attacks performed on them by other characters. You can see whether or not a character has their counter-attacking on or off when viewing them through the People tab.

    Selecting this option will allow anyone to drag your surrendered character for one day and it will automatically call off any guard attacks on them. During this state, people can see your inventory and take items from it. This is meant as a less violent option to Subduing which risks injury. You can find this option in your character's menu under the People Tab.

    While this is not found under the Settings window, it is a setting that affects accounts (you can find it under the People section after clicking on a character). Avoidance is a feature that allows you to avoid certain player accounts for tierborn spawns. By setting avoidance for a character, your child spawns will never have them as a parent. This setting no longer impacts the spawning location of your adultspawns.

    Any characters that have been avoided can be removed, just go to "Account Settings" under the "Account" tab in-game or in the character selection menu. There is a button labelled "Avoidance" in the menu, and clicking it will reveal which characters that have been set to be avoided by the account. Characters/Accounts that have been set on avoid will not show on the list until after three months have passed with the option of removal available.No one will be notified by setting this option, and this option does not change anything for current characters or the characters of the account being avoided. You can avoid up to 15 accounts, with the oldest accounts being overwritten once that cap is reached.

    From a technical standpoint:
    Adultspawns: Adult spawns have a static position they will go to if there is no other valid spawn point (affected by where your own characters are and where other racial groups are).
    Tierborns: Child spawns will skip the parents of accounts that are being avoided, they simply will not spawn with them. If only avoiding accounts are in line for those parents, a shortage message will be sent out about needing children in the race. If no one puts in a child that is not avoiding the parents, then the spawning will fail and will not produce a child.

    If a child character is considered to be suicidal or neglected any time up until the age they turn 8 (30 real-life days), they will be taken away from the account, and the account will have its child character creation privileges suspended for 6 months. There is a warning about this in child character creation. Children removed from their accounts will be put into hibernation and offered for adoption. Children are considered to be inactive if they have not been viewed/roleplayed for 3 real days, and will be given a reminder to play their character if inactivity is detected. Children are considered neglected if their hunger reaches 30% while food is available in their inventory/on the ground, or if their health is 35% while attacking people or animals. The child will stay in hibernation for ten days before it can die naturally. A child character can be willfully put up for adoption if they are age 7 and are not incapable, and the penalty will not be applied.

    Adoption is the ability for an account to skip the queue and take over a character who was either unwanted or neglected on another account. Adoption is only available to accounts that qualify for having a child of the available race - meaning, you cannot adopt children if you already have filled child slots or if you already play the race that is adoptable, etc. Accounts that are able to adopt will see the option appear in the upper right corner of the navigation bar with a number indicating how many children are available. Accounts can only adopt a child if they have reached 23 years old on an adultspawn, in order to avoid players finding out they don't enjoy playing children and wasting an opportunity for that child to be adopted by a player that enjoys playing that role. You cannot adopt a child who is on the same tile as another of your characters.

    Adoption is not affected by avoidance. Avoidance only affects the spawning of your own created characters, it does not affect what options you see as characters who are up for adoption.

    These are the conditions required to be able to have the option to adopt when a character is available:

    • Your account is not on a one week character death cooldown
    • Your account is not on child suspension
    • Your account has at least one child slot available
    • Your account has had a child character on it once before
    • Adoptable characters are of at least one race that your account does not have
    Please note that if a child character is put up for adoption through administrative means or player choice and does not get adopted by another player before the end date (hibernation lasts 10 RL days), the character will die naturally of starvation.

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